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Starting Solids - Gassy baby?

We started DD on avocado two days ago and since then she has been extremely gassy. She also hasn't pooped in 36 hours when she is normally a multiple times a day pooper. Anyone had this issue with avocado or with solids in general? I guess I'm just not sure whether this is a normal solids reaction or if we should have concerns about avocado? She is acting normally otherwise except that she seems to have a harder time settling at night when going to sleep (and back to sleep) I think cause of the gas...

Re: Starting Solids - Gassy baby?

  • We went from at least once a day to three days with no poo when we first started solids. Then after that third day, right back to at least once a day. We also dealt with a lot of gas and mild discomfort for the first week or two while adjusting to digesting solids. It can be difficult for their little systems to break down the sudden solids especially if they were EBF (as baby Z was); breastmilk breaks down so easily. 

     If you're not sure, a phone call to your doctor will reassure you. It sounds like normal adjust,ent to me though.  

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