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How do you know if you let down? Can you actively prevent a let down?

My consultant said to check for engorgment or "empty" feelings to check for changes. Do I have to feel different after a feeding?

ETA: I dont want to prevent a let down I am afraid I am prevent one though.
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  • I don't think you can stop a let down. I used to get a chill, get a letdown and leak milk through my shirt. Usually after nursing your breasts feel softer and not full. 
  • I don't think everyone feels a letdown, necessarily.  For me, it's like a tingling/ticklish feeling in both breasts.  I mostly feel it while LO's harder to feel if I pump.  I have no idea about preventing a letdown.  I'm pretty sure you can't prevent it.

    You also may not 'feel' different after a feeding.  I'm not sure how old your LO is, but when they're small they don't eat that much, so feeling "empty" might not happen.  Engorgement is pretty obvious-like your boobs might explode or feel really heavy 

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  • I didn't feel my letdown until he was older. I first started to put it together when I would pump at work and when the milk started flowing I felt a weird pins and needles sensation. When lo was little his eyes would close and almost roll back when the milk started, an Aw yes look.

    I am a D and can tell when I am full. I look like I have porn star boobs. If I forget which side I need to feed on I can usually tell by feeling my breast.

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  • Ps if I am stressed it takes longer to let down. Try and not worry. A good number of women don't and have never felt their letdown.

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  • If you are concerned you are tense which may make you take longer to have a let down, which happens to me, you can just make sure your shoulders are pushed down and then take a few good deep breaths. This helps me makes sure my body is relaxed.

    I don't know that you can prevent a let down but supposedly placing firm pressure over the nipple will stop one, like if you are worried you are leaking.
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