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What type of night do you have when you take LO out for an active day?

I'm a SAHM and me and my LO are typically home bodies during the week. However on the weekends we try to get out as a family. Well we hung out today for a few hours and when we came back he was so tired and sleepy that he seemed delirious. Even though he slept some in the car seat and the stroller, of course it was nothing in comparison to sleeping in his crib. 

So when we got home around 4 he fell asleep. Woke up at about 6 to eat and went right back to sleep.....and it's now 9 and he's sleeping still. 9-10 is typically his bed time.

I'm thinking two things could happen here...because he is so tired he will wake up to eat and go back to sleep since it's nighttime and just rise early in the morning or he will be up very late tonight. (Bummer) 

Also, I've tried to wake him up early one time before so that he wouldn't nap so close to his bedtime and I had the ultimate scream fest so I'm trying to leave him alone but ugh.... 

What type of experiences have you had if/when LO naps past bedtime after an active day?

Re: What type of night do you have when you take LO out for an active day?

  • Honestly he might just wke up his normal times. I've had LO fall asleep at 5 and sleep until 3, eat then back down until normal wake up time
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  • We are in the same situation tonight! We will have to compare tomorrow lol. I'm hoping she just sleeps through the night
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  • DD does the same thing, we are homebodies during the week too so outings really wear her out on the weekends.  Usually it doesn't affect her sleeping, in fact she sleeps just as well if not better during that night.  However she also eats less that day so the next day she usually eats a ton, like she is making up for it.  

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  • he woke up to eat. Hung out for about 45 minutes before he started showing irritated signs of sleepiness so I took him back to his room to put him to sleep...well he started rearing back in my arms out of tiredness and frustration so I put him in his crib and turned on the mobile because he does put himself to sleep on that's where he is right now and we shall see..... :-/
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    With DS, no matter how much or little sleep he gets during the day, his nighttime sleep is always the same.

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  • I am one of those who firmly believes in never wake a sleeping baby. I've been lucky with super sleeper babies. Yesterday DD3 didn't get a great morning nap because we were out and about. Her afternoon nap is usually 24pm but she didn't go down until 4, slept until 6, and still went to bed at 7, her normal sleep time. She usually wakes up anywhere between 5:30 and 7am, but this morning slept until 8:30am. If they're tired they sleep. If they get up to eat, feed them and put them back to sleep. Good luck!
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  • I think every baby is different. When we have very active days and DS doesn't nap as much it usually leads to a really crappy night. I try really hard to be home for naps and just plan my day around them. 
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