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RnP nightmare

I am trying to transition DD from the RnP to her crib and it has been a complete and utter failure! I've tried to start off with naps. She wasn't having it. I've waited until she was in a deep sleep, didn't work. I've inclined her mattress and rolled up a hand towel into a "U" shape for her butt but that didn't work either. Every time I lay here down she knows something is different and her eyes pop open. I haven't even been successful in laying her down and having her stay asleep ONCE. Am I screwed? I sure feel like I am. She is outgrowing her RnP and I'm running out of time. I wish they made them for toddlers! Any tips?

Re: RnP nightmare

  • Sleep training night 1 right here for this exact reason....I read ferber a book and were following his method, ill let u know how it goes!
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  • We did better transitioning her at night instead of naps. She's been in the crib at night for a month now but still naps in the RnP
  • I tried starting with naps and my DS was the same way. He became really uncomfortable in there one night so at midnight I took him and put him in his crib and he's slept there at night for 3 weeks. We are still working on naps but night time sleep is good in the crib. We didn't do anything to his mattress incline, towels and he's done great. I would recommend trying night time first then work on naps. Good luck!
  • Try doing it for nighttime sleep first. And just do it cold turkey with the crib (meaning no inclines, towels, etc) He has to get used to  just the way it is eventually. You dont want to have to transition from the "props" in a few weeks too.

    Also, maybe try putting him down and letting him do some 2 minutes of crying, 5 minutes mommy snuggles, 2 minutes crying, etc until he gets good and tired. It might help. Good Luck!

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  • Just my two cents our LO would never sleep anywhere other than her crib.  No swing, No bouncy chair, not even the stroller in the beginning.  We basically had to put her down in the crib.  However, she would wake up every time we put her down.  There were nights when I literally picked her up and put her down over 20 times.  Eventually she would go down.  Don't get discouraged she will give up eventually.  Now it takes us 3 times max but usually just once.
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    We had the exact same issue. We did ferbers method to get him in the crib. Just one bad night only 20 mins of sporadic crying and now the crib is so easy. He falls asleep immediately at night. Naps are another story though!!!
  • Also, just this week we started using our white noise machine and projector. He loves it. I nurse him and put him down drowsy with it on an he will put himself to sleep. I can go in and turn it on when he wakes MOTN and he puts himself back to sleep. He will talk to it sometimes too. Its so cute. I don't know if you already use something like that but it has worked well for us.
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    Sleep training night 1 right here for this exact reason....I read ferber a book and were following his method, ill let u know how it goes!

    So far so good! After I put her down, she was asleep in 36 mins!! I turned her fisher price sea horse on for her which plays for 5 mins. Then she just moved around for another 5, then slowly started fussing for another 10 then cried. I followed ferbers checks and it went great!
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  • Nightmare is right...we are in the exact same situation. The rnp was so nice and I feel like we have just gotten in a good routine! I have been trying naps to ease the transition, I am laying her in her crib in a minute. Fingers crossed!
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