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A quick update on Baby Griffin

Hi all, another huge thank you for all of the thoughts and prayers from everyone, I keep reading through the responses to my last update and get teary eyed every time.

Griffin is still doing amazingly well! He's already ready to graduate down to a level 2 NICU, they'll move him when they have room. We actually got to hold him today for the first time, it was so amazing. We'll be able to start up with Kangaroo care so I'm absolutely thrilled.

I'll be discharged from the hospital tomorrow and will be staying at the local Ronald McDonald house so that I can continue supplying his breast milk and for the kangaroo care. They had me start pumping right away and my milk is starting to come in. My H will head back home tomorrow, work during the week and come back on weekends. My mom gets here today so she'll be staying with me for awhile, she bought an open ended ticket.

Thank you again for your support! Once I get settled this week I'll try and catch up on how everyone else is doing!
Hoping this one stays put a little longer
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Re: A quick update on Baby Griffin

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