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I promise I'm not pregnant

Three could I be pregnant posts in a row.....

Some people have nothing better to do on their Saturday. I ran a 5k this morning. Anyone else do something productive with their day?

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Re: I promise I'm not pregnant

  • I've been laying in bed all day watching tv. I only got out of bed to microwave leftovers. Does that count as productive lol

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  • image bunnyfungo:
    I've been laying in bed all day watching tv. I only got out of bed to microwave leftovers. Does that count as productive lol

    As long as you aren't having AF and still think you're KU. If you aren't giving in to the crazy, you are productive in my book.

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  • Working. That's productive, right? (Well, it would be if I wasn't enthralled in TB and Animal Crossing for my 3DS. Lol)

    DH:30 Me:23
    TTC since: AUG 2011
    DX: Annovulatory
    Total Thyroidectomy OCT 2012
    HSG: CLEAR!!

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    --"He felt that his whole life was some kind of dream and he sometimes wondered whose it was and whether they were enjoying it."
    - h2g2; Douglas Adams--

  • I know! What is going on with these posts?!

    As for productive, I have gotten half the house cleaned and a couple loads of laundry done with some bumming around in between.
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  • I did a total spring cleaning on my sewing room, very proud of myself that room was a mess!

    Type 1 Diabetic
    BFP 10/2005 EDD 5/31/2006 Missed MC 11/2005 D&C
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    Diagnosed with pre-e 3/11/14

    Liam born 3/14/14 @ 9:05pm 2lbs 13.5oz
    Diagnosed with a bicuspid aortic valve 3/15/14
    Bicuspid valve created severe aortic stenosis as of 4/24/14 transferred to U of I
    Balloon valvuloplasty on 4/25/14 was a success
    G-Tube placed 7/3/14
    After 114 days in the NICU finally home on 7/6/14 

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  • image TheMrsMurillo:
    image bunnyfungo:
    I've been laying in bed all day watching tv. I only got out of bed to microwave leftovers. Does that count as productive lol

    As long as you aren't having AF and still think you're KU. If you aren't giving in to the crazy, you are productive in my book.

    HA! I guess I'm good then.

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  • Deadlifted. My back and head are both mad at me for it.



    "People seem to couple an inordinate amount of stupidity with extreme laziness." ~ A wise interwebz friend.

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  • I seriously just logged in and thought, "really people" I get blasted, sore boobs, etc its called LIFE. Anyway we had a garage sale it's been a good day.
  • I feel like its a Tuesday on a Saturday!

    I made lunch for DH, cleaned up the kitchen and living room and watered my flowers. I'm taking a break to bump but I've got to work on the basement and the garage. Gotta get those things cleaned up so I can get started on my Pinterest projects!

  • I cleaned ALL 3 bathrooms in my house. My mom is coming on Tuesday and staying for 2 nights. I'm trying to clean up a bit. 
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  • I did absolutely nothing productive...and I'm very happy with that...

    I haven't had a free weekend in over 2 months. 

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    Cycle #1+2 (4/13-6/13): Natural Cycles = BFN | Cycle #3+4 (6/13-11/13): Anovulatory (Provera)
    Cycle #5 (11/13-1/14): Femara + Clomid + Follistim = Cancelled | Cycle #6 (1/14-3/14): Benched
    Cycle #7 (3/14-4/14): Femara + Follistim + Estradiol + Pregnyl + Progesterone
    BFP: 4/22/14 | Due: 1/1/15 | TEAM BLUE!

  • Hubz and I layed down 1200 square feet of sod. I am broken. 
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  • Out clothes shopping for hubby, grocery shopping and then hitting the gym. It's CD 1 and cramps are in full force, I just want ice cream and a sappy movie.
    Me(33): Dx PCOS w/IR 4/2008, stopped meds 11/2008 DH(34): low volume(#'s good), low T
    Back to RE in 4/2013 to get back on meds. PCOS confirmed, elevated DHEAs, low progesterone
    SHG 5/10/13: both tubes blocked; HSG 6/28 = Left tube cleared! Right blocked.
    BFP#1 7/20/13 EDD 3/30/14, m/c 8/19/13, D&E 8/21/13, Chromosomal results = normal, female
    Lap & hysteroscopy scheduled for 10/31, right tube cleared, no endo found! ...Happy Halloween!
    Cycle 14: Clomid 50mg + Ovidrel + IUI = BFP! EDD 9/16/14~ Rowan Elizabeth, born sleeping at 17w4d on 4/12/14 due to IC.
    ~There is no foot too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world~
    New RE June 2014. RPL b/w - negative. SIS looking for uterine/cervical abnormalities & Asherman's 6/10/14 - ALL CLEAR! No signs of scar tissue! 
    Cycle 16: Natural IUI, HCG trigger = CP
    Cycle 17: Femara (2.5mg) + HCG + IUI = BFN
    Cycle 18 Femara (5mg) + HCG + IUI = BFFN
    Break cycle
  • DH and I checked out a bunch of yard sales today. Got a few nice things! And I just gave myself a mani and pedi. Pedi is cute, mani looks like poop.
  • I had lunch, saw World War Z, and shopped for boutique dog treats with my sister. I am not pregnant as far as I know ;)
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    TTGP September Challenge: Teenage Crush -- Ryan Phillippe

    Still one of your resident proudly God-hating, gay-loving, abortion-approving, liberal feminist boneheads. 

  • Camping this weekend. Productive relaxation.
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    Started TTC April 2013 
    BFP February 1, 2014
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  • I'm at work. Hopefully only 2 more hours... Really want to get a walk in tonight so hope I'm not here too late
    Off BC since Nov 2012, Actively TTC since Jan 2013
    Unexplained Infertility
    3 cycles of Clomid/2 IUIs - BFN
    Moving Forward with DIA
    Home Study 7/9/14, Approved and Waiting 8/27/14
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  • Babysitting the phones.

    Me: 32 DH: 31.
    B/W: good. SA: good.
    November 2012: Paratubal cyst found during U/S.
    January 10, 2013: Lap removed paratubal cyst and Stage 2 Endometriosis. 
    3 cycles of Femara + TI = BFNs

    June 2013: Femara 2.5 mg, Gonal F Injects 37.5 IU, Menopur, trigger + IUI = BFN

    July 2013: Femara 2.5 mg, Gonal F Injects 75 IU, Menopur, trigger + IUI = BFP!!!!

    Beta 1 @ 11 DPIUI = 76. Progesterone = 27.3

    BFP 8/16/2013 // EDD 4/28/2014

    Jordan Samuel born April 19, 2014. 6 lb, 12 oz and 18 inches long.


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  • We sold our computer desk because we got a Mac Mini! Yay!

    I am currently in the process of making potato salad to take to our small group picnic.
  • I was at a graduation party!!!

    Me (40) DH (42).......Married 7/1/11......TTC 12/2013.......BFP #1 12/30/12........EDD 9/8/13
    Spotting,clot 2/15/13 all ok......2/21/13 no heartbeat 11 w 4 d missed miscarriage........2/22/13 DnC :(
    BFP # 2 10.10.13...........EDD 6.19.14

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  • AbraxaAbraxa
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    Walked the dog, worked out, joined the Bump.  Good day :D  Going to watch coverage of a Magic: The Gathering tournament soon; there's a grand prix in Las Vegas.  (Am I too nerdy for this board? lol)

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  • gonzolgonzol
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    I actually did have a somewhat productive day. I did the dishes and picked up the downstairs. We are going to dinner soon to meet up with H's childhood friend. 
    DS: 8/9/11
    Cycle 22: BFFP EDD Aug 30, 2014 
    Beta 1: 17.9- Beta 2: 74.9- Beta 3: 341-
    IT'S A GIRL!

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  • I just got home from work and am trying to work up the energy to go to the gym for a bit...
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    BFP 2/3/14   l   EDD 10/15/14  l  It's a girl!
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  • We went and looked at furniture, flooring, tile, countertops and appliances for the repairs being done on our house. Now I'm getting ready to make dinner.

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    Fall Favorites

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    BFP#3 3-13-14 // EDD 11-20-14 It's a BOY!
  • I'm just popping my head in real quickly before we head to the zoo!
    Tyler& Amanda 7.7.07
  • Not pregnant either! I have a herniated disc so I have been on the couch all day watching Netflix. Who knew you could watch Army Wives from the beginning...and work. Thank GAWD I work from home. 

    I promise that once my DW and I start actively TTC, I will NOT be one of those people asking whether my symptoms are pregnancy symptoms...


    TTC our first. Married to, and madly in love with, my beautiful wife. Living with our fur baby and enjoying 19 nieces and nephews. 
    • DW and I have been tracking, preparing, getting medical testing since January 2013.
    • First Cycle: Unmedicated ICI w/ Donor Sperm 08/02/13: BFN
    • Second Cycle: Unmedicated ICI w/ Donor Sperm 09/11/13, 09/13/13, 09/15/13: BFN
    • Third Cycle: Unmedicated ICI w/ Donor Sperm: 10/13/13, 10/15/13, 10/17/13, 10/21/13: BFN
    • January 2014: Sonohysterogram shows excellent lining & tubes have no blockages
    • Fourth Cycle:  Monitored clomid cycle  w/ ICI's at home: 1/24/14 and 1/25/14. Ovulation verified:  BFN
    • Fifth Cycle: 02/2014 Femara 5mg with ovidrel trigger CD14: BFN
    • Taking a few months off to evaluate if we want to keep trying

  • I've been incredibly lazy today. I'm resting up after going out last night. I went to The Package Tour and got to see Boyz II Men, 98 degrees, and New Kids on the Block. Turning into a screaming adolescent for 3 and a half hours is exhausting.

    Turns out, I'm old. But it was totally worth it.
    baby boy: 3.19.2014
  • mmb248mmb248
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    I'm systematically working my way through all 7 seasons of Wings.  It's CD4, I'm having the period from hell, so I've also had a double caramel magnum bar, and every piece of chocolate I've been able to find in my house.

    So, yeah, I've productive.  Wings wasn't going to watch itself and the chocolate clearly needed to be eaten.

    Me: 33     DH: 38
    TTC since August 2011
    DX:  PCOS and subseptate uterus
    August 2013:  Clomid + Trigger + IUI TI = BFN
    September 2013:  Clomid + Trigger + TI = BFN
    October 2013:  Clomid + Trigger + IUI canceled
    November 2013:  NTNP
    April 2013:  Femara + Trigger + IUI = ???
  • I do not recall this many "am I pregnant" posts from my lurker days. It seems like a absurd amount lately! Ugh.

    I ran 3 miles this am, not great because I used to run longer... But last time I "ran" it was mostly walking so I'm proud of myself for doing it! Unfortunately, that was the extent of my productiveness. Our puppy was spayed yesterday and I feel so bad for her so we just cuddled up all day.
  • image Jellyfish42:
    Working. That's productive, right? Well, it would be if I wasn't enthralled in TB and Animal Crossing for my 3DS. Lol

    I used to play the animal crossing on game cube. Is the 3Ds version as good as that one? I've been thinking about getting it.
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