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Crying in sleep

My lo just started crying in his sleep a few weeks ago.  Does anyone else have a lo that cries in their sleep?  Have you asked pedi about it?

Re: Crying in sleep

  • DS does it from time to time. I haven't asked my pedi about it. He never does it for long, maybe a few seconds. I have always sort of figured it was some sort of bad dream or small discomfort (like gas) that gives him a little startle.
  • Mine seems to do it when he's got some gas. 
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  • Mine did this for weeks around 23 months then just stopped. I did ask the pedi. She had no explanation, but suspected it had to do with transitioning sleep cycles. I've heard and read that its totally normal. Apparently there's some debate in the medical community about whether they can dream at this age.
  • My son did it four times last night. He has not done it in weeks and then a lot last night.

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    Mine does it too. He'll be asleep and then go into full blown crying and me picking him up doesn't make him stop right away. Usually after 5 mins he's calmed down but its so sad. :mobile sad face:
    Haven't asked pedi about it. I've read its normal to smile, laugh, wimper, cry in their sleep. But my LO does a full blown scream sometimes. I do worry about it and hope its just a phase. Maybe he's waking up and is disoriented and iy scares him?
  • yup mine does it all the time.  Today my husband and  I were driving and saw a little girl about 2 years old sleeping in her stroller.  All of a sudden she sat straight up and started screaming and flailing around.  Of course her mom started freaking out.  The girl settled down right away, it was obviously a dream and we both started cracking up because she looked so crazy.  I think this can go on for a while.
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