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Shopping For A Swimsuit?

I haven't bought one in 6+ yrs because I hate swimsuit shopping so much. However, I hear these suits are all the rage, look awesome, and are on clearance!  I just bought 2.  The red color is gorgeous but not in my size :(


There are a few other styles but this one is the nicest, imho.  Moms on another board are just going gaga over how flattering it is on everyone.

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Re: Shopping For A Swimsuit?

  • I hate bathing suit shopping too, thanks for saving me the headache. I am going to order one today.


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  • It looks so cute, wish I didn't need underwire otherwise I would be all over that.
  • ViveVive
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    I hope it looks good in real life, because I could see it looking nice... Too bad it's so far away for me [although I bought one a few months ago so I won't be buying another soon].

    Sorta funny story... I had been wondering why my old swimsuit no longer seemed to fit. At first glance I saw the size was 12, so it should definitely fit or be too big [as normaly I'm an 8]. On second reading I realised it said G12... Girl 12... As in not even adult sizing. Yeah I decided it was time for a new swimsuit.
  • K8saysK8says
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    Who likes swimsuit shopping? It's a nightmare. I just ordered one from Anthropologie (so many regrets) that I have to send back (more regrets), and I really don't want to go shopping with my ever exploring baby in tow... (you've seen him- he never sits still!).  I've been wearing my maternity suit from last summer which feels like a tent, but does the job.  Thanks for this link!  This looks like something that might work.  Fingers crossed. 

     I'm sure it'll make me look invisible.  ;) 

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  • Oooooh, I would actually wear that, and probably feel at least somewhat comfortable in it.  I hate bathing suits too, especially with my post baby body.  I have like no boobs anymore and just feel generally gross in a bathing suit.  Thanks for the link!
  • zyaszyas
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    Thanks for posting this! I got something similar from old navy last month but the cup size is way too big for my tiny boobs and looks quite funny when I wear it. This one from Walmart looks like it will fit better, it's worth a try!
  • I have the bikini version of this and the style of the top is super flattering!! 
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  • Thank you for posting! I had been eyeing a similar one but could not get over the $80 price tag. This one looks perfect, and for $25!  

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