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Sicky Mama

So today is kind of a bummer.  I have a wicked cold, LO is teething, and DH is gone whitewater rafting for the day (SIL's fianc?'s bachelor party).  I feel like crap - I slept horribly and still had to get up early to take DH to the train into the city to meet up with some other party-goers. 

So...I may have let LO watch TV for a little bit while I blew my nose for the umpteenth time and tried to pull myself together.  And I may have cut one of his little fingers trying to clip his fingernails (it had to be done...they were ridiculous).  I think it upset me way more than it upset him - he didn't even seem to notice.  And I have pretty much been counting the minutes since he woke up until naptime, so I feel quite terrible about that.  And I may have flaked out on three different people because going outside of my house sounds terrible (and I hate exposing other people to my sickness). 

So, basically, I'm winning today.  For sure.  Stick out tongue



Re: Sicky Mama

  • I'm dreading the first time I'm sick with LO. I'm sure I'd handle it the same as you. FWIW, I'm perfectly well and DS and I stayed in our jams all day today. We've done a lot of running around this week and I just wasn't having any sort of productivity today. I emptied the dishwasher. Go me. I hope you feel better, though!
  • My little guy watches tv while I do stuff like fold laundry, eat, etc... I don't feel bad at all about, so you shouldn't! It's not like he sits in front of it all day.. No worries
  • Feel better! I had a nasty cold for over a week! I was absolutely miserable and of course it fell on the weekend that my SO had to work 45 hours overnight.
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