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Hi! First time posting here. I have been lurking for about two months. I'm 28 MH is 27. We have been together for 11 years married for 2. We have decided to procced with caution TTC. I have only been off the pill since last Sunday. I have been on BC for 10 years. I have hear that it could take months or just one month to start regulating your cycle. I got a clearblue OPK this week at work. It was free so I think I might just for fun try it out starting day 11 of my cycle? But I was wondering which BBTs work well. Where can I pick one up?! Should I make a ob appointment soon? So many questions!!! But time is on our side just looking for some basic help I have been in here reading and just borrowed what to except before your excepting. So I am looking for good advice all around! Thanks ladies!!

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  • Hi there and welcome. 

    You may want to read the newbie link and this:

    Good luck!

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  • I LOVE the name/nickname Lola!

    We use a BD thermometer. It is great and stores the temp until it is cleared, but it beeps which some people don't want. Good luck!

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  • The newbie blog should answer many of your questions. 

    I use the Mabis BBT from Walmart.

    Welcome and good luck! 

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  • Hi and welcome!

    Like you already know it can take awhile to regulate after BC. But some also regulate quickly. 

    I say try out the free OPK, you can get used to how they work. Day 11 would be a decent time to start if you want to just try it out. The day you start usually depends on your cycle length but since you don't know that yet day 11 is a good time.

    I don't temp so I'm no help with BBT brands. But I hear you can buy them at Target or CVS type places.

    Many people don't recommend a preconception appointment if you have no known medical history of problems that could effect pregnancy. If you do have medical problems though I would highly recommend an appointment. (I personally did a preconception appt. and was so happy I did. But unless your doctor goes above and beyond this can be a waste of time and money) If you don't have medical problems just bring TTC up at your next annual appointment.

    Check out the newbie link at the top of this page and also check out the TTGP blog (the link is provided in the newbie link). These are so very helpful when you are new to all this.

    Good luck to you!


  • Thanks so much everyone! It's a very exciting time for us. I know MH Doesn't want to hear every little thing about the journey I will be taking so it's nice that places like this exist!
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    The newbie blog should answer many of your questions.nbsp;I use the Mabis BBT from Walmart. Welcome and good luck!nbsp;

    This. Welcome and good luck!
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  • Thanks for the links Elbug! I think I am going to do the free OPK I have at home this month for fun. Then after that starting my next cycle I will chart temps. The one on amazon looks good. Good reviews too. I think it would be crazy if I got a smily face from the OPK on day 13 through 16. I like this feeing of happiness I have right now. And hopefulness. I know it might not last me that long before frustration sets in. But right now I am so giddy!
  • Thermometer: I use a mabis brand from wal-mart. No complaints. Temps are pretty accurate.

    If you decide to use OPKs, I suggest buy a pack of internet cheapies. Just go to and do a search. I use Wondfos. I buy them bulk, so I have plenty for my loooong cycles. I also buy my hpts from them too. (Usually in a combo pack.) I find the cheapies soooo worth it when I start to test. (I test a lot, due to my irregularity.)

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  • Welcome! I would recommend starting to temp now just to get the hang of it. It wont be able to give you much insight yet but at least you can get yourself into the habit of temping every morning. Also, since you just came off BC who knows when your next period will start. I use the CVS BBT, but my period is screwed up so I'm not a good judge as to whether or not it's a good one. Most women on here seem to use the Mabis one from Walmart I think.

  • Thanks! My period is totally normal this cycle. But since my body expects to have a dose of BC come Monday morning who knows what I am in for come next cycle.
  • Hi! Welcome and good luck to you! I have the Mabis BBT, which I bought off Amazon. Also bought a pack of Wondfo OPKs when I bought my BBT because they were super cheap. Haven't used those yet though.
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  • Welcome and good luck! :)
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  • Welcome and good luck!
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  • Welcome! I have the Malbis brand from Target and the CVS brand. Both are good.
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