Monsters University review?

I am debating on taking my daughter to see it tomorrow at a 10 am show. She LOVES Monsters Inc; the only part that "scares" her is the first 2-3 minutes when the boy is sleeping and the monster comes in. She finds Randall hilarious, and just loves the movie.

My friend recommended to bring her booster seat from home that way I can buckle her in.

Did anyone see this movie yet? Are there any questionable frightening scenes for a toddler?

She will sit through a movie at home--or at least Monsters Inc and Elmo in Grouchland, so I am thinking if we get there later and skip the previews, she may sit--if not we'll leave.


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Re: Monsters University review?

  • No review, but we are going to the 4:10 showing tonight. Our theater has boosters available but with no belts.

    DS is 3 and has succesfully made it through 2 movies, both of which were 3D showing of movies he had already seen before. I think this one will be ok because Monsters Inc. is one of his favorites also. Pack her favorite snacks...This way you have them if you need them, btu she doesn't see you buy them at the counter. This is my favorite strategy for any time. 

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    Unlike Monsters Inc, which had some cute and cuddly moments, I think Monsters U. is geared more towards older kids.  There aren't really any cute and cuddly moments, the only child in the movie ends in a police chase of Mike and Sulley with the monsters ending it by scaring the humans.  The whole movie is based around the scare games so there is definitely a lot of scaring going on, especially roaring from Sulley. DD1 liked it, but not as much as MI but DD2 slept through most of it so I can't get a review from her. I can say that she will sit through the entire MI but didn't even make it 20 minutes into MU (but it was past her bedtime).
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  • I took my three older kids yesterday, and I honestly don't think I would take a barely 2 year old. The school headmaster was REALLY creepy, and there was a lot of scaring going on. It was funny, but not cute like Monsters Inc.
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