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Wubbanub users come in!

I'm thinking of getting a Wubbanub for DD...she uses her paci and grasps something to fall asleep (usually her hair, my shirt, or she claws at my arm), so I was thinking that she might like to hold the animal.  Do you think its something worth buying at this age, or is she going to outgrow it really soon?

Also, if your LO uses one, do allow him/her to have it in the crib overnight?


Re: Wubbanub users come in!

  • DD just stopped using a pacifier out of the blue a month ago. However, when she did use one she LOVED her Wubbanub. She was pull its arms and legs and would sort of pet it. She'd also gnaw on its legs. It was pretty cute. I gave it to her for a nap in her RnP once, but she work up crying because somehow it wound up on her head and she couldn't find it.
  • DS has just started using his more since he's been teething.  I notice he likes to chew on the paci part and sometimes on the thicker rubber too.  He really enjoys being able to hold the giraffe part of it.  He doesn't take it to bed because he rarely takes it anyways.

    I don't think it's too late to buy one - the animal part makes it more like a toy and it seems to be nice for teething.

    ETA: It's really nice for teething because I can stick my finger in the paci part and let him chew it without it getting slobbery!  :-)



  • ds has had nuk pacifiers since about 3 weeks.  started to really like his wub a nub in the past couple weeks.  I didnt like the idea of wub a nub since not orthodontic, but it definitely has its place in DSs rotation.  

    we do let him have it in the crib and anywhere, its small and he's strong enough, so I'm not that concerned.  i agree that he seems to prefer it when teeth are bugging him, must be easier for him to chew on.  he does like to grab the frog and he's much better at putting this pacifier back in.  

     we use any combination of pacifiers to get him to sleep and have even used the trifecta once... 1 nuk in his mouth, 1 nuk in his hand an 1 wub a nub in his other hand.

    So, yes, i say give it a shot. (Or the other thing i do is i let him have one of the thin face clothes to fall asleep, supervised, and its easy enough to steal back from him once asleep.) 

    *** DS born February 21, 2013 - Toronto, Canada  ***
  • We have one and love it.. the weight of it keeps it from going to far when it falls out and it's easier to find in the crib for when it's dark.

     FWIW, my friend just bought a replacement one for her 6-month old, so it didn't even occur to me that they might outgrow them! 

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