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This Is It - BFP!

So, this is it! I got a definite BFP today on a FRER. I posted in the 2WW thread yesterday that I got 2 really light squinters on two different FRER tests. I retested this morning with FMU on another FRER and got a darker positive line.

Today is about 10 DPO for me. (I'm making an educated guess on my O date because I do not temp. I use OPKs, which have worked well for me in predicting O.)

What We Did: We used Preseed each time we had sex during my fertile window. I used Preseed internally, and we used a little externally. I drank lots of water starting on CD1. I've been taking PNVs since about March. 

Timing: O-3, O-1, O

Symptoms: Not too much right now. I'm very tired and have a little bit of heartburn, but that's about it. I had a really bad backache around 6 or 7 DPO.

EDD: March 6, 2014

How I Told DH: It was sooooo unceremonious how I told DH. I woke him up this morning and thrust the pee stick in his face and said, "I'm pregnant. Do you see the second line?" He was so discombobulated and confused. It took him a minute to fully wake up and comprehend what I'd said. He got very excited once he understood what I was telling him.

Mushy Stuff: I have really enjoyed being a part of this board. I've learned so much from you ladies and have laughed so hard at some of the hilarious things that have been posted. Although I'll move over to 1st Tri, I'm definitely going to be a durty lurker over here. Oh, and I'd still love to participate in the Gone Girl book club if that's okay. Good luck to everyone, and I hope to see you around 1st Tri very soon.


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