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What birth control do you use?

I have an ob appt coming up and I need to get on a new birth control because I just finished weaning (on the mini pill). I would love to do something non-hormonal but an IUD freaks me out (thought of metal in my uterus eeks me).  Condoms aren't really for us. When we were trying to get pregnant I loved how I felt off of hormonal that's why I am saying I'd like something non-hormonal. Anyway, I will share all this with my ob, but just wanted to ask you ladies...

What do you use?  How long have you used it and why do you like it?  Anyone use an IUD and like it? 


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Re: What birth control do you use?

  • I have a mirena which is actually a plastic IUD.  I got my first one after I had DD and had it for 3 years, before TTC again.  After DS was born I got another and have had it for almost a year.

     I like it because I don't have to think about it.  Having it placed was no worse than an annual exam nor was removing it.  My periods are very regular now and last maybe 3-5 days and are VERY light.  So, all in all, I've been very happy with it.  Hope this helps!  :)

  • Depo Provera shots. One shot every three months. I am horrible at remembering to take pills. I too am also not keen on the iud. The shot is hormonal, but I was able to conceive rather quickly after stopping the shot when we were trying for DS. Plus, depo stopped my cycles, so it's nice having no cramping or bloating once a month. Quite beneficial when there's a toddler to chase around 24/7.




  • I have a Paraguard IUD. It's a plastic IUD that's coated in copper ions, which create a hostile environment in the uterus, so an egg wouldn't implant. I like that there are no hormones. 
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  • I chose the mirena. Have had it almost 1.5 yrs. getting it put in was a breeze. Periods are almost non existent.
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  • I have the Mirena and I looooove it.
  • We use condoms, no hormones, nothing implanted and easy to stop using to get pregnant again.  I cannot take bc due to my high risk of breast and ovarian cancer, so c's are it for us!
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    I have the Mirena and I looooove it.


    I've had it just over a year and I love it.
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  • I was on mirena and had it taken out. My body didn't react well to it at all. I just decided to give the hormones a break and hubby and I use condoms. Super easy and still one of the most effective bc mothods out there.

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  • I'm in the minority here, but I have the Mirena and would never get one again. Getting it put in was no big deal. A little cramping but not terrible. However, shortly after it was placed I kept getting ovarian cysts. I've also had headaches, acne, etc. but don't know if it's related. I spot/bleed all the time and have never missed a period from it like many people do.

    I was sick of dealing with the cysts so I went to get it removed a couple weeks ago. After very long and painful digging, my doctor couldn't find the strings. Had to get an US to make sure it's still there and now I have to have it surgically removed in mid-July. Never again! 
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  • They have very low dose hormonal pills.

    Ike you, I didn't want something high dose and I liked the feeling of being off of it.

    I'm on lo loestrin and can't tell a difference off or on.


  • i have always had hormone problems (minus trouble getting pregnant) and i have needed to be on some kind of hormonal birth control, almost my entire menstruating life. i get SUPER heavy bleeding, and some pretty bad cramping. when my AF came back about 5 months ago, DD was roughly 8 and a half months old. i started getting EXTREMELY tired and fatigued. we went through a sleep study, lots of testing. all neg. which was good, but it wasn't until i went back on the nuva ring that i have started feeling better.

    if i was checking myself right, i was ovulating about every 12-14 days, and i was menstruating about every 18. so it was no wonder my body was so exhausted.  within 3 days of putting the ring in, i can feel and see a difference. so for us it was kinda a must.

    my issue is that i am afraid of my supply dipping or drying up. i seem to be ok so far. but i am fearful that in the next few weeks it will dry up. we still BF twice a day. first of the morning, and last of the evening. 

    i had used it for about 2 years before planning our pregnancy, and had been on yazmin about 8 years before that. i have never had any issues with the hormonal birth control. but i know there are some clotting risks. i like the nuva ring, because i just put it in for three weeks, take it out for a week, and put a new one in. easy to remember for me. and easy to use.


    and after all of that, i just read you wanted something non hormonal! my stupid head for not reading all the way through! oh well, i hope if helps either way! good luck.


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  • I'm currently on nexplanon a small match size tube inserted into the opposite arm of which you write with. It's a small surgery procedure in which it is inserted right at the doctors office where they numb you and cut a little hole then insert. It takes maybe 2 weeks too heal or less (for me it was less). It feels weird at first but once you get use to it, it is actually a pretty cool feeling lol. Lasts up to 3 years before it needs to be removed 
  • I always had problems with birth control. Break through bleeding, headaches, nausea. I tried them all. When we were TTC with our first it took 8 months. That on top of all of the other issues made me decide not to take birth control. We use the charting method. I suggest taking the classes if you choose to try this. It is great. We just use condoms during the risky days(ovulation) and nothing in between. We did this for 17 months before TTC our second.
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