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Just checking in to see what everyone's June Bugs are enjoying from their birthday parties.

Re: Birthdays?

  • Sunday is my baby girls bday!!!! So excited but still can't believe she will be 2!
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    We just had a dinner and cake on her birthday. We reused the dollar store decorations from her first birthday. I'm hoping to do something bigger for her next year.

    Eta: favorite gift: crazy coupe
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  • We got ours a bubble mower.  He loves it, he mows the front lawn when ever he can.  He also got a train map for Thomas the Train, my mom made him a quilted book of the Pokey Puppy.  His Aunt got him some books and my brother sent him a check.  He also got his first savings account that we opened for him with $200 that has been given to him over the first two years.  We tend to keep things low key since it works best for all of our families.

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  • She's loving her water table, tricycle, and rope & beads set.

    Oh, and recently we brought out some of her old 6 months+ toys for DS and she is loving those again!  haha.  A dino ball popper, the classic animal pop-up toy, and a Melissa & Doug tunnel.  It's fun to watch her and DS play with those toys together!

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  • Did pizza and DQ ice cream cake at home on her birthday after work.  Had the neighbor, my parents, one of her friends and their family and another friend over.  It was about 2 hours and really perfect.  She got tons of clothes!  DH's parents got her a turtle sandbox that she looks at and will only play with for 5 minutes top.  We got her a toddler trampoline and she loves it and likes to jump but it is taking up our entire living room so had to move outside and now she doesn't want to jump as the yard is much more fun. 

    Her favorite thing to do right now is to have us put the leash on the dog and walk the dog around the house. 

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    Water table and doc mcstuffins dress up are her favorites! I am getting LOTS of check ups! She is so serious when it comes to checking mommy's heart and eyes. We're taking the doc kit to her well visit today. I hope she is still a fan after that!

    Congrats to all the mamas of June bugs!

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  • We haven't had his party yet... but he loved the tricycle we gave him.. Its the metal radio flyer type. He likes to sit on the seat while I sit on the bench on the back and do the pedaling.
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  • We celebrated DD's bday the first weekend in June with a Minnie Mouse themed party, mostly family and a few of our friends. DD loved it!

    I think her favorite present was her Minnie flute or her shopping cart. 

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  • We have ours on Saturday and my husband is in the process of building him the swing set we got him.  TAKING FOOOOREVER!! He is going to have a Thomas the Train party.
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  • And now that we've had his party... He loves the bubble blowing lawn mower!
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