Going from EPing to nursing

My baby and I got off to a rough start with a tongue and lip tie and an admission for failure to thrive and because of this we had to go to bottle feeding BM exclusively. I was producing 32 ounces of milk a day and my baby takes about 20 to 24 on average so I have been pretty engorged. I don't want to keep pumping to make the issue worse but I don't want to continue to be engorged. She's currently nursing for about 50 of her feeds.
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Re: Going from EPing to nursing

  • I had the same problem and a LC recommended to me to keep pumping after nursing but to reduce the amount of time to maybe 10 min. or so and to start reducing the amount of times I pump each day.  She said to slowly wean from the pump for about 2 weeks to prevent engorgement and Mastitis.  It worked well for me and I don't have the engorgement problems anymore but it did take a while for my supply to regulate.

  • We BF then went to EP then back to BF when he was home with me.  I would recommend to nurse him as much as possible when you are together.  If you feel uncomfortable pump off some of the excess milk before feedings but just enough to be comfortable.

    The one thing I will caution on is to make sure you are also pumping "enough" off.  You don't want to create clogged ducts which can sometimes lead to mastitis.

    Good luck, breastfeeding can be really tough sometimes .. we too had our trying weeks :) 

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