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Where have you found the cheapest diapers?  Everyone has told me about Amazon Mom, but from what I can find, it looks like I would have to sign up for Amazon Prime after 3 months.  Just looking for ways to save a little money!
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Re: Diapers

  • We use amazon, and use the subscribe and save option. If you subscribe to 5 things to be delivered the same month, you get 20% off everything. We don't do that every time, but try to do it as often as possible. Even without it the, the subscribe and save discount is the best price I've found.
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  • We used to buy our disposables at Sam's Club. It's $40 for a large box of Pampers (200+) and $30 for a large box of Luvs.
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    Subscribe and save on amazon is definitely the best price but you've to kind of do some planning ahead because if you need the diapers right away you don't get the discount.
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  • Agreed re: Amazon. Even with paying for Prime after the first 3 months, it works out cheapest for us.
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  • Watch this blog for buy-it-now diaper & wipe prices.  She also follows all kid-related sales (clothes, shoes, etc). 

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  • Just curious, what 5 items do you do for subscribe and save?  I couldn't think of 5 we use that consistently after diapers and wipes.
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    I have found that the drugstores like CVS and Rite Aid have the best deals when you use coupons and their rewards programs: Extra Care Bucks for CVS and Plus Up Rewards for Rite Aid. I am currently liking CVS a little better than Rite Aid because their coupon machine has been printing me coupons like 5 dollars off a 20 dollar diaper purchase, which you can use in addition to manufacturer's coupons. This upcoming week, for instance, at CVS, I can get three jumbo packs of Huggies and a pack of Huggies wipes for less than five dollars total after coupons and rewards dollars. A week ago, I got three packs of Huggies for free after coupons and rewards dollars. Target also offers some good deals sometimes with their gift cards. Right now, they are running a special where you get a five dollar gift card when you buy two packs of diapers. Combined with coupons, that makes the price after gift card less than five dollars per pack for Pampers.

    This website usually lists the really great diaper deals available at the drugstores:
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    Just curious, what 5 items do you do for subscribe and save?  I couldn't think of 5 we use that consistently after diapers and wipes.

    Toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, castile soap, wipes (because we CD). 

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  • Not sure if these are the cheapest, but we get the brand. They work great although Swaddlers are my favorite for the EBF stage, they're less expensive, and the free shipping on is super fast! You often get discounts using, too.

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