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Birthing class recommendation

First time mom but I was in the room when my sister delivered her baby girl.  I don't think my husband has any idea what to expect.  I'm looking for a 1-2 hour class that doesn't go into too much detail.  Delivering at Royal Oak Beaumont and don't want to take their 6 hour course.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!

Re: Birthing class recommendation

  • See if they have a "Birthing Refresher" class.  I know St John Providence Hospital has that class.
  • My husband and I took our birthing class at St. Mary's in Livonia.  It was a long class, but so well worth it.  Reconsider getting your husband "in" on all the details.  You want him to be just as prepared as you are so he can be focused on your needs in the delivery room and not standing around feeling helpless.  He needs to know everything that could happen so he can remain somewhat calm and leveled headed in case you need his support!  Plus it helps guys to hear information from a source other than you.  No matter how much he loves you, sometimes guys don't get it until they hear it from someone else, like a nurse!
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