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Standing Up in Bath Tub?

It has been a tic since I have posted on here. I was on all the time during my pregnancy but turns out working full time and having LO has kept me far from the computer. Sad

However, recently my DS has started standing up in his bath tub, which is making bathing him extremely difficult. I am so worried that he is going to slip and hurt himself. I usually sit him back down and then after the third time call it quits and end the bath. Bath time use to be a relaxing night time ritual. Has anyone else run into this? How are you addressing it? I know back in the day when I was a child they made inflatable bath seats that suction cupped to the tub and had a strap (ah the late 70's early 80's). I have not found anything like this though....thoughts?

Re: Standing Up in Bath Tub?

  • I'm dealing with the same kind of thing, and really I do what you do. I know some of the ladies on here found the suction cup seats, but I haven't been able to find them anywhere. So, I try to keep her entertained, and then when she starts standing I'll sit her down. When she stands up again immediately consistently I end bathtime. GL!


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  • I do the same- if he starts to stand, I sit him down; if he keeps trying to stand, bathtime is over.
  • Hanna does this as well.  I just ask her to sit please and assist her in sitting.  It redirects her for awhile, but she does it again shortly.  Our bath times have been cut short lately because it becomes too wet for me and frustrating to rinse and repeat that.

    I know a couple gals on here have the inflatable bath seats maybe they can chime in on where they got them.  That way if he falls it wouldn't be as terrible.



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  • This is a never ending battle at our house so I have given up and put a non-slip mat on the tub floor and never take my eyes off of him. I know several ladies on the board have purchase this seat and like it, maybe you could give it a try.



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  • Emmett either exclusively stands up in the bath or splashes the water like crazy when he sits. I've found the standing actually is good because I can soap him up pretty easy. Then I rinse him with a water bottle or this boat toy by pouring the water all over him.

    We did have one night where he fell and I was unable to catch him in time. He bonked his face on the side of the tub and bit his tongue pretty bad (enough that it bled). Since then I bought a rubber grippy bath mat for the bottom of the tup and that has helped him slipping immensely. 

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  • I am dealing with the same thing.  I have found that by giving her a "new" item to look at she will sit for few mintues.  After that she tosses it aside and tries to stand up.  I sit her back down a few times. I usually end bath time when I am tired of sitting her back down. 
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  • image ThePinkSuperhero:
    I do the same- if he starts to stand, I sit him down; if he keeps trying to stand, bathtime is over.

    Yep that's us, rinse and repeat. 

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  • I'm dealing with the same thing here, but haven't found much of a solution except for keeping bath time quick and to the point. Getting DS dried off, lotioned, and clothed isn't a picnic either. I also thought bath time was supposed to be a wonderfully relaxing time to wind down, but that is definitely not the case!
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  • Same here, she tries to climb out.  I also keep sitting her down and if she doesn't relax and play on her butt, I take her out.
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  • Camden does the same thing but I got tired of fighting him because he bathes with Cortlandt who has never sat down in the bath due to sensory issues.

    I just put a nonslip mat down and got one of the faucet covers so he doesn't bust his head open on it!

    He has taken a couple of spills but I'm always right there with him.

  • Same as pp. I warn him and if he continues he has to get out.

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    I just put a nonslip mat down and got one of the faucet covers so he doesn't bust his head open it.

    This is us. We also have a safety bar right at his level, which is what he usually holds on to. I'm not too worried, and he has fun.
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  • Same here!! I just keep sitting her down and try to get her to play with her duck or bath letters! If all else fails and she is really dirty, I'll have her hold onto the side of the tub I'm at and give her a sponge bath...  She cries until I get her out.  Last night was the first night in months she actually enjoyed it and splashed while SITTING down! 
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