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BPF: 3 1/2 months

My little girl is getting so big and it is breaking my heart!  Her little personality is coming out and we are just oh so in love with her.  I dressed her up for fathers day and I thought she looked so cute!


 And here she is hanging out with daddy on the couch earlier this week.


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**BFP #1 12/09 Diagnosed with Anencephaly D&C 3/17/09**
**BFP #2 5/28/12 Blighted Ovum m/c 6/15/12**
**BFP #3 7/12/12 EDD 3/21/13 - Madelyn born 3/5/13**
BFP #4 4/2/14 - EDD 12/15/14 - Wesley born 12/2/14**

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