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Baby carrier recommendation

I bought a Baby BJorn but the material seems rough on baby skin.  I attempted to put my daughter in but she screamed.  What are recommendation on Becco Gemini or Ergo or etc and where to get the best deals. Thanks.

Re: Baby carrier recommendation

  • We have a Beco Gemini and we love it. More importantly, little guy loves it also. When he didn't have good enough head control we faced him towards us and the carrier went high enough to support his head but still allow him to look around. Now we can face him outward and he really loves that. He often falls asleep in it regardless of what way he faces. It is pretty easy to put on and adjust IMO, though the buckles take a bit of practice to undo, as they have an extra safety latch button. That annoyed me at first, but now I have no problem with it. It is comfortable for both parent and baby. And there are so many cute prints (the fabric is fairly soft also). I don't know about any current deals, we got ours during our shower off of our Amazon registry.

  • We have the Infantino Support and really like it.  It is like the Ergo, but with a lower price tag.  I typically use it or grocery store runs or short walks. There is hardly any pressure on my back when using it.  I got ours at Babies R Us for $50.  The 20% Babies R Us coupon will work on this where it will not on the Ergo.

  • I have a beco butterfly 2 and it works for both DH and I.  I wanted a gemini but some people said they were best for babies under 6 months, and mine is 5.  I saw a gemini with a 5 month old in it, and there was plenty of room, so not sure that's true, but it's probably not going to last you for years.  There are some good comparison charts online and the attachment board has opinions.  The best deal--craigslist.  I got a pretty much new one for 1/2 price.
  • I have a bjorn, a sling and a wrap similar to the Moby.  Each has its use IMO.  I use the bjorn very sparingly, mostly when I need to be able to get something done quick using both hands, and  without worrying too much about supporting his head.  I use the sling a lot to make lunch, or hang out around the house.  It's not really hands free though, as you still need to kind of "spot" him (the carrier is not as secure as the bjorn).  It is super quick and easy though, and he loves hanging out in it.  My favorite by far is my wrap, which I ordered on etsy (  It is made of organic bamboo, and so does not get as hot as a Moby.  Baby is secure and happy.  He falls asleep a lot when I wear him using this carrier.  If I had to choose just one, this would be it.

     I did try an ergo and a Blackhawk mei tai.  I found the ergo too bulky, and a pain to put on compared to my other carriers.  The mei tai was okay but I still prefer a wrap.



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    Just bought a Manduco.  We have a mei tai which we both love but she is getting bigger and it's putting to much pull on my shoulders.  I trialed the Ergo for 3 days and it was not for us.  We tried out the Beco and Boba's and they were nice but not perfect.

    The Manduca is expensive ($50more than Ergo) but it has so many ways to fine tune the adjustments and it has a built in infant fitter and a back rise adjuster.

     I wore it in the store for just over 1.5hours (they didn't have a 3 day trial one for this one till next week) and was still very comfy so I bought it.

     Oh, and my 3.5 month old slept for 1hr15min of the 1.5hours I wore it!


  • I have a Lille Baby Nordic carrier and I loooooove it. It grows with baby too which is nice!
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  • I love the bjorn right now. We do inward facing. I'm on the fence about the ergo. Maybe she's still a little small for it, but she really doesn't seem to like it as much as the bjorn.
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  • Lillebaby Nordic. Cheaper than a Bjorn, much better made, 6 carrying positions, high weight limit, easy to use, and no special inserts to deal with for infants as it is made for newborn all the way to toddlerhood. I love mine and use it every day!

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  • I have a ring sling and a Moby both of which I love.  The ring sling is great for quick trips into the store or a walk, as it's easy to slip her into.  The Moby is great if I'm going to be wearing it longer as it's easier on my back.  We are looking at getting a new buckle carrier, mostly for DH, but not sure which one yet.  We have an Infantino one now, which works fine, but it doesn't have good leg support which I've read can be bad for their backs, so I'm looking to upgrade.
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    We have an ergo and I love it. We used it with DS and now use it with dd. I have never been uncomfortable wearing it, even when DS got to be upwards of 30 pounds. The child cannot forward face in the ergo, but my kids never minded that. I use it all.the.time when I go grocery shopping or on longer outings where a stroller would be a big pita, and while doing housework. Fwiw, if you decide to go the ergo route, beware that there are lots of counterfeits out there, so check to be sure you are buying from an authorized dealer (can check on the ergo baby website).
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  • I used the sling a lot with the newborn just to pop in when I was trying to eat dinner etc. I have the bjorn for walking around. I live the idea of baby wearing, but I've ended up using the stroller more due to a bad back. The bjorn is much sturdier than the sling as far as support. I really wanted an ergo with this baby, but since I don't use the carriers a ton I couldn't see spending the money.
  • Until what age does the Moby wrap last?
  • I love my mei tai, we have one by BabyHawk that has held up so well.  I also have an Ergo which I'm learning to love more as DD gets bigger, they're not a great fit with a tiny baby.  Also, they really aren't a perfect for for a very petite torso.
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