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My unplanned home birth

So, I woke up this morning around 4:01 to go to the bathroom.   While there, I had a contraction.  I didn't t think nothing of it as I had been having them for the past few weeks.  Another followed about 10 minutes later.  The next ones were pretty irregular, but each became stronger than the one before.

I made tea, refilled my water, and did some laundry.  Each task was done between contractions.  When I felt like I couldn't take it any longer, around 5:15, I woke my husband and ask him  to call my midwife.  I got on the floor because it was comfortable for me.   Once .he told her about the contractions, she told him to bring  me in to L&D (5:30).  As soon as he got off the phone and tried to get me dressed and off the floor, I told him to call 911, because I knew I would not make it up off the floor.

 (5:36)The dispatcher asked  him questions and my water broke! She asked if the baby was crowning and he said yes!  I felt a sudden urge to push.  I pushed a few times and her whole body was out at 5:39!  The paramedics arrived a couple of minutes later and my placenta followed about 10 minutes after that.  

Once I had the energy to get off the floor, the medics put me  in the ambulance and took us to the hospital I was set to deliver at and we arrived around 6:30 to a team of  happy nurses and my midwife.  It was the end of the medics and nurses shift, but they said it made for a memorable shift.

Although  my childbirth experience did not go as planned, I loved every minute of it!!  Best wishes to all the other June Mommas!

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