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So I guess I should have seen this day coming knowing I have friends that have not even had there first child yet (we all got married in our late 20's early 30's) and I have thought about how I would handle it to after we lost Isabella.... Its The one thing you don't really want to hear..... The "I have something to tell you" coming from one of your best friends

 Yep you guessed it one of my good friend is 9 weeks pregnant and we also work together and she told me and another co worker at lunch today I guess it was easier for her to tell me along with someone else there and I tried to act excited for her b/c really I am they already have a 2 year old and I love her to pieces =) Its just that feeling that comes over you when you think oh why them and not me why don't I get to have a healthy living baby, I am pretty strong but this is going to be hard the further along she gets. So if anyone has and advise on this please help me.

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  • Im so sorry sweetie. It takes some time for it to sink in and to get to the point where you are ok with where they are and where you are. It is so very hard. I have to just remind myself that my story is not their story. 

    For me, for some unknown reason, it all depends on the person who is expecting. Some people I am very happy for, others I get the blues just thinking about it. Its weird. I know it wont be easy seeing her at work each day. As one of your good friends, try not to let this create a rift. Hopefully she has been a supportive friend through your loss. 

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  • Big hugs. This is so hard. It is really tough to be happy for someone else when you are heartbroken for you. I have had many many friends get pregnant since and it never seems to get any easier. It's not that I am not thrilled for them but it is still so hard because it brings everything right back.

    I have asked that my friends email me when they have this news first which helps because I can process it better on my own or really cry in the comfort of my own home instead of at them.

    I used to put a lot of guilt on myself for feeling this way but the truth is... It's really not fair and we have every right to feel this way. Sometimes it feels like God only has so many healthy babies to give and I will never get to hold a living child in my arms and that is just not true. However, it stings so much. You are so not alone in feeling this way.
  • I'm sorry. I haven't had to hear a pregnancy announcement yet but I know they're coming. However lately I have found myself unable to talk to my friends who had babies by accident. I have a couple who either had them with guys they had just met or guys they weren't in a relationship with and the weren't planned or wanted like ours was. I just see pics of their babies and can't stop thinking why they got a healthy living baby they didnt try for or even initially want but ours was very planned and very wanted and is gone. These girls are my friends and I've even unable to return their texts or calls or have found myself calling them names in my head.
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    I hated any and all pregnancy announcements.  I felt like they were cutting in line.  I was amazed at how upset I would get.  Had a friend and fellow loss mommy tell me she was expecting and I completely lost it.  I had to remind myself that just because of what happened to me, doesn't mean others don't have the right  to be happy.  It's ok to be angry or sad or jealous or whatever you feel.


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