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Flying with car seat

I am flying with DD alone on Saturday.  Should I check the car seat at the gate or with my luggage?  I am flying Southwest so I get a couple of items checked for free.  I did not buy DD a seat. I am worried that the car seat will get banged around if I check it with luggage but on the other hand I think it is going to be a hassle to carry to the gate since I will have DD and my carry-on.
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Re: Flying with car seat

  • I'm flying by myself in July! I'm thinking check it with the luggage, because it's going to get somewhat banged up anyway. And it seems like it would be really hard to get through security and such with such a large contraption. Good luck!

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  • There are rolling carrier type things to attach car seats to, they look like those wire luggage rollers from back in the day, but not sure if that is worth the hassle either. I've been wondering how I'm gonna figure it out too cuz I have to fly with DS by myself in a few weeks as well.

  • Here's what I would do...
    Since you're flying Southwest there's a chance you could get a seat for your LO. If you do you'll want the car seat. When you checkin ask them if there are any seats open on your flight because you'd rather your LO have a seat. They'll tell you if there's a good chance of an open seat. If that's the case then I'd bring the seat. If the flight is full then you can decide right then if you want to check it or not.

    I think the seats get less beat up if you gate check them, but u understand not wanting to try and juggle all of that by yourself. GL!




  • Just the car seat guru in me coming out, but you should never check your car seat. You don't k.ow what happens to them and CPSTs will advise you to replace the seat once it has been checked. Babies should ride in their car seats on the plane; lap babies are very dangerous. Most car seats are FAA approved, I think there are only a few that aren't.



  • Are you taking a stroller?  We bring both the stroller and the carseat so that the carseat can snap into the stroller for pushing through the airport.  We buy a seat to bring the carseat on, but you can gate check both if there's not an empty seat.  I really like having the stroller in the airport so I can have my hands free if necessary, like for using the bathroom.

    Also, don't bring a carton suitcase - just check it.  I flew once alone with DD and a carryon, and will never do that again.  Now I bring the stroller, carseat, and a backpack with all of DD's food, toys, etc, and that's it.

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  • We just flew Southwest with L and his car seat. Both on the way there and the way back, we asked if there was enough room for his car seat on the plane. Both times we lucked out and there was room for him! We did not buy him a ticket either, but it was worth asking about. If there is not enough room, they will take it at the plane with the stroller. They were Very accommodating to us.
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