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My daughter won't go to bed....:(

She has been a pretty good sleeper at night time since about week 4 and she is 3 months old now.  The past 3 nights she is fighting me when going to sleep.  I'm trying to be more consistent with the time I'm putting her to bed at night but it's not working out so well.  I will change her diaper and feed her a few times.  She will fall asleep while feeding and I will burp her and then she is wide awake when I try to lay her down to sleep.  How can she be so sleepy while feeding and then like a light switch she is wide awake a few minutes later.  She doesn't nap much during the day only a few cat naps.  I know she is tired because she will yawn frequently but every time I put her down she will cry which gets intense.  I'm so exhausted right now being that she doesn't sleep much during the day.  Not to sound selfish but I enjoy a little time at night by myself after she goes to bed.  Anyone else going through this?       
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Re: My daughter won't go to bed....:(

  • My daughter just started doing the same exact thing. Hopefully it is just another phase that will pass. It might have to do with the sun setting so much later, or her being more alert and aware of everything around her.
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  • Could be a growth spurt. Some babies just need extra attention during growth spurts and more clingy. Is she sleeping the same at night or waking up 1-2 extra times?
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  • This is mine at 3 months. He's slept great in his crib since 6 weeks. All the sudden he will only stay asleep when held. He actually fell asleep in his swing last night and I left him there and slept on the couch beside him. I know you're not supposed to but wow I need some sleep. It seems like every time I lay him in his crib he instantly wakes up crying. Sigh. I SO hope this is just a phase.
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    Same thing happening with me. Took an extra 1.5h to get him to bed last night.its been going on for almost a week for me.

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  • VPGIRL She is sleeping about the same at night.  She usually will sleep a 5-6 hour stretch before she gets up to eat.  I just got her to take a 45 minute nap during the day the past few days so hope that it continues.  Glad to know that other moms are going through the same thing.   
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