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At 15 weeks, how is your baby sleeping at night?

My daughter is 15 weeks and EBF.

She goes to bed at around 8/830pm and will sleep until 2 - 3 am (usually a 6 hour stretch); then she wakes again around 5:30/6am, feeds, and will sleep until 8:30/9am.

Typically regardless of when she goes down it is -

6 hour initial strecth

2.5 hour strecth

2 - 3 hour strecth

What are your babies doing? I am wondering when or how the 6 hour stretch will get longer.  

Re: At 15 weeks, how is your baby sleeping at night?

  • My DD is also 15 weeks and is exclusively drinking breastmilk (I'm an exclusive pumper).  For about a week she's been sleeping for around 8-9 hours.  We put her down between 8 and 9:30.  Initially we tried to do 7-7:30 but DD insists on taking a nap some time between 5-6:30 pm.  No matter what we do she will sleep at some point during that time.  So she goes down around 8 or so and then wakes up between 4-6 am.  She stays awake for about an hour or two and then goes back to sleep for 3-4 hours.  I'm averaging about 6 hours of sleep a night which is great.  I don't know if this will last but I'm going to enjoy it while it does! 
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  • DS sleeps from about 8:30pm- 4:30am and then another 2 hour stretch.  He was sleeping from 8:30pm-6:30am without waking, which was amazing, but for some reason it's changed.  Hopefully it'll change back soon!
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  • Enjoy the sleep you are getting.  I hate to say it but the 4 month wakefuls are coming and your baby is about to switch it up!
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  • DD is EBF, almost 25 weeks and still is usually up every 3 hours. Sometimes I'll get 4-5 hours the first time I lay her down, but not always.
  • Since April he has been sleeping from 9pm to 5am. In the last week we have been making him go to bed before 8pm and he is waking up a little before 6am. I hope that it does not change, but he is 4 months next week.

  • 15 weeks here too and my little guy's schedule is nearly identical to yours except I drop off at daycare at 7 so he's up at 6.  Sometimes he'll sleep an extra hour there in the AM, sometimes not.
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    Enjoy the sleep you are getting.  I hate to say it but the 4 month wakefuls are coming and your baby is about to switch it up!


    Noooo!  Say it ain't so!  Ha ha! 

  • LO is EFF, goes down between 7-8 and sleeps until 6-7. I'm sure she wakes up but she just doesn't make any noise. For the record, you might be almost at the 4 month "wakeful period", so that 6 hour stretch may get worse before it gets better :(
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  • When my LO was 15 weeks he just started sleeping thru the night, hed go down about 1030 and get up at 6, but after a week of that he gave himself a bedtime of 9-9:30 and sleeps thru till 7-8, he is now 18 weeks.
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    Enjoy the sleep you are getting.  I hate to say it but the 4 month wakefuls are coming and your baby is about to switch it up!


    Noooo!  Say it ain't so!  Ha ha! 

    I totally thought it was crap as my son slept awesome, then around 15/16 weeks he started waking once a night for no reason, then a few weeks later twice, and then blamo......4 month wakefuls!

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  • At about 15 weeks, DS was pretty much sleeping through the night, usually a 6 or 7 hour stretch, and usually waking once to eat.

    Since about 16 weeks (so for the last month or so), he's been waking about three times to feed (2 if we're very lucky), with a maximum stretch of four hours, but it's usually more like three. I'm completely exhausted, feels like he's a newborn again!

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  • He's been sleeping 11 to 12 hour stretches since he was six weeks.

    My first was a terrible sleeper so it's a very nice change!


  • At 15w she was just about the same... She didnt need to eat when she woke up but she needed to be soothed back to sleep...


    Now at 18w if she has a bottle between 7&8 she sleeps much better thru the night... She ate at 745 last night and didnt stir at all until 430 


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  • DD typically sleeps 10-12 hours a night, she is also BF. She has been doing this for months.
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    Enjoy the sleep you are getting.  I hate to say it but the 4 month wakefuls are coming and your baby is about to switch it up!

     We're here.  And trying to transition to her crib, too, so it's doubly bad.  This too shall pass...

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    My 15 week old goes down at 6:20 (she chose this time and look out if you miss it by a few minutes).  I dream feed her at 8:30 and 10:30  She then sleeps from 2-4 hours then is up every 2 hrs until 6:30 when my husband brings her downstairs and she sits in highchair and watches him eat.  He then returns her to me and we sleep another 1-2 hours.

    She is breastfed and is in her crib for most of this though in the middle of the night I will sometimes keep her in the bed (in her nursery) with me till next feed (because we both fall asleep).  In the morning she sleeps with me in the bed.

    She is incredible happy and playful in the morning so we opt to have her go down with my husband for some one-on-one time before he goes to work, but she would continue sleeping if we left her.

    Mine is showing no signs of extending her night stretches and with the 4month wakeful period coming I don't expect her to.  But she gets a diaper change and feed and is back asleep within 15min total so can't complain.


  • She is 16 weeks today, she sleeps 11 to 12 hours starting this week. Last week it was 10. I EP
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  • LO is 15 weeks and EBF.  She typically wakes 2x between 7:30pm and & am, but there are no consistent times. On a really good night she wakes 1x around 2ish. 
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  • To be honest I'm not sure if my baby is 15 weeks, but he's somewhere around there. I stopped counting weeks haha! He's 3.5 months. He had been sleeping a 7-8 hour stretch up until a couple weeks ago. Now he only does a 4-5 hour stretch. Boo. :( 

    His typical night:
    Down at 8:30-9
    Nurse at 12:30-1
    Pop the paci at 2:30-3
    Nurse at 4
    Pop the paci at 5
    Babble and grunt while pooping 6-7.
    Up for the day at 7.


  • I give one bottle of formula before bed. All other feedings are BF. my babies go down between 7:15-7:30. They will go to 3-4AM, then to about 5-7AM, and back down until about 9-10AM. I am dreading what is to come.
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    We switched to formula at 12 weeks.  I don't sleep train my kids.  They have all started to STTN at around 12 weeks.  My niece, who I have custody of, started STTN at 13 weeks.  My DD3, was at 16 weeks.  We had been to Ireland for six weeks, and when we got home, she STTN.  She is 10 months.  She regressed when she was 6 months for a few weeks, (again we were traveling.)

    They go to bed at 8 PM and get up at 7 AM.

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