2nd Trimester

Great 20 week AS

I was really terrified of my appt as I am every appt. I've been through 5 years of fertility, 1 surgery and 1 miscarriage. I am high risk due to my age (41), IVF and fibroids. However, everything was great.   Doc said baby couldn't be more perfect and fibroids aren't growing. Both are good news. We are so used to bad news. Now, we're getting really excited. I even told coworkers today, not that I could hide it for much longer.   We already knew she was a girl but it was nice to get confirmation. 

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Mila Francesca born 10/19/13 at 37 weeks via C-Section after 6 years of fertility treatments, disappointments and losses. Love her!!

Re: Great 20 week AS

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