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Newbie Intro: Clomid support

I haven't been on The Bump since my son was born. He will be 2 in Sept. I decided to come back on in hopes of being able to connect with others who understand what this is like.

I just turned 36. I have PCOS. I had a mmc and a possible cornual ectopic prior to conceiving my son. (my dr now thinks it was NOT a cornual because she was able to remove the pregnancy via D&C) The only RX I used at the time was 1000mg Metformin. Every single time I got pregnant it was total luck. I did not chart/temp. Just happened.

I gained 65lbs during my pregnancy which really kicked my PCOS into high gear. It has been BEYOND difficult losing the weight. In fact, I'm still 30lbs overweight. I have started to lose since I cut back on the carbs. Since doing that I have been having periods roughly every 6 weeks or so.

I had an abnormal pap in Feb and needed a LEEP to remove the pre-cancerous cervical cells. My dr cleared me to start ttc in April. So far we have been unsuccessful. I am still on Metformin.

All of my bloodwork has come back normal. My reserves are high (in fact, very high, which is normal for PCOS). My HSG was normal.

So the next step: clomid. If I don't get a period next week I will start Provera followed by clomid round 1.

This is all happening at a time where I feel EVERYONE I know is pregnant. I am so jealous. I have started to feel like it is never going to happen. I hate that I even think about feeling bad for myself when I have a gorgeous, happy son who is madly in love with me. Why can't I just enjoy what I have without wondering what's next?

Thanks for listening to my vent. I hope I can connect with some of you who have been through these ups and downs. I will also have a ton of questions about Clomid, charting, etc.

I wish all of you luck in your journey...


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Re: Newbie Intro: Clomid support

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    Hi I'm new here too! I completely understand the everyone preggo thing. it took 4 yrs to conceive our son and my real life best friend from middle school is SUPER fertile. I mean baby machine! Popped 3 kids out and pushed 30 mins or less.

    as for clomid just take care of yourself on it. It made me very emotional/weepy which was only compounded with the IF stress. it also made me ovulate sometimes 2 eggs. And the Ovulation cramps were out of this world. felt like a bowling ball in my ovary!

    But I did like it bc it was cheap. my insurance convered it and we only paid like 30 bucks for the rx.

    Best of luck and baby dust to you!

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    I just finished my first round of Clomid yesterday.  I didn't have any side effects from it at all except for being weepy at the weirdest things, "The Bachelorette" of all things last Tuesday. 

    I'm also taking 1500mg of Metformin.  I have PCOS. 

    I'm going in Sunday ( CD10 ), to do bloodwork and ultrasound (monitoring).

    I'm in the same boat as you.  I have been trying for this baby for over a year now naturally and just started with the RE last April.  My sister is pregnant and due in October and while i'm sooooo excited for her as it is her first, im still jealous and wish I was pregnant too.  I totally understand how you feel that way and at the same time feel like you should just be happy with the family that you already have.  I feel like that too.  And I am happy with my family the way it is now, its just frustrating when things aren't working the way we wish them too.

    I've never been on Clomid before this time and I still have lots of questions as well. 

    Good luck to you!!

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  • I am new as well. I've been diagnosed with PCOS and am starting my first round of Clomid today. 

    Everyone I know is pregnant. I totally get the jealousy. Mine is really better categorized as bitterness, but neither are good. :/

    Good luck to you! 



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