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TTC right after miscarriage

Last week I posted that I thought I had a MC and unfortunately I did.  I was lucky it lasted only about a week, was at the dr today and there is no sign of baby and he is pretty sure everything has left me.  Of course we are both upset, amazing how attached you get to something we never saw.  That being said my DH and I are really looking forward to having another child.  We both want to try again right away, dr suggested waiting 2 months so I will but just wondering how many of you started TTC quickly after your mc and if you were successful?  We really want our kids close in age but I am so worried of it happening again.
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Re: TTC right after miscarriage

  • I had a mc in march and drs told us the same thing. I've heard of ppl getting preg even before their next period but I was in so much pain and tender still I wouldn't recommend it. I'd listen to the dr and wait and let your body heal some so you don't take the chance of anything happening again...best of luck! :
  • I don't know for certain, my doctor was OK with letting us try right away. But I've heard other posters who have been around here longer than me note that they have often seen those who don't wait ending up with another loss, and I believe the reasoning is that the body needs time to replenish itself and regenerate the lining needed to successfully nourish a LO. Your doctor would be the best source on this, of course, but this is what I've heard on the board here.
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  • I had my D&C on 6/7 and now that everything is "out" we are not NOT trying.  I've started to use ovulation strips to track just in case it happens before a period so I have some sort of date to go off of.  When I asked my midwife if we should wait, she told me most doctors will say wait 3 cycles because that's a standard and basically what they are taught in medical school, but there's no standard to what is "safe".  She said if I feel emotionally ready, we can start right away.  I asked the doctor who performed my surgery if we should wait and how long, and she said she recommends 2 cycles because there is a slightly higher risk to have another miscarriage if you do not wait.  I asked what the risk was and she said 5%.  We've decided not to wait and take the risk.  I've read a lot of posts from women who didn't wait (didn't have a cycle before they got pregnant again) and they have perfectly healthy babies.  So my advice is if you are emotionally ready to try again and understand there is a slightly higher risk of a miscarriage and are willing to deal with that, then go for it.  
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    My DNC was done 6/6. My doc recommending waiting one cycle before TTC again. We weren't TTC with this
    Pregnancy so I'm not sure if we will TTC again or wait another year or so.
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  • We were told after our first miscarriage to wait 1 to 2 cycles. We waited and gr pregnant after the fist cycle and it ended up in another miscarriage. But honestly my doctor just said it was really bad luck. We were advised this time to wait 2 to 3 cycles and we will for sure be doing that. I don't think I can stand another loss so soon.
  • We were told that studies show there is no difference between waiting or getting pregnant right away, but that the general practice is for doctors to recommend waiting 2 or 3 cycles.  My doctor said she'd like us to wait until I get my first AF, but because of the above info, we're still deciding what to do.  For now we are not not trying, whatever that means.  We will start really trying after I get my first AF.  

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  • my Dr. told me 1 cycle is fine. I have not had my period yet so I am hanging tight until then and using back up birth control.  I figure if they say its fine I will do what they tell me.  I had a friend who tried as soon as she miscarried, got pregnant, and has a gorgeous baby girl... it just depends I think.

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  • It's interesting to see all different advice.  I had a D&C earlier this week, and the doc said to wait 3 cycles (which seems like forever!). I have my follow-up in 2 weeks so I'm going to ask her again and ask her for some reasoning as well.  This was our first try and we really really just want a baby, but I will not go against my doctors orders.  If something were to happen again, I'd just really blame it on myself...again.
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  • What my doctor explained to me was that it used to be standard to tell someone to wait for a few months before TTC to avoid another miscarriage, but more recent research has shown that there is no connection between quickly TTC again and an INCREASED risk of miscarriage vs. those who wait after having a miscarriage.

    You may have a particular need to wait depending on medications you were on to help you with your miscarriage or particular conditions your doctor noted in you.

    For instance, in my case my doctor initially told me that I should be able to TTC after 1 normal cycle. However, she then had to put me on misoprostol for retained tissue and after that she told me to wait 2 cycles. In my case it actually is sort of still the same advice b/c I had my period about 5 days after taking the misoprostol. So in a way the first cycle wasn't a normal cycle anyway.

    For me, it's frustrating to be told to wait b/c I too have an urge to TTC right away. But I do trust her and with the extra meds I took I feel like her advice for my particular case is right.

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  • I mc only 5 days ago but my dr told us to wait 2 cycles seeing as how the first cycle will be very irregular and then wait for one more normal cycle to give te next baby the best possible chance and the healthiest place for the baby to grow. Which makes sense to me. I too am very anxious and want to ttc right away but will for sure wait and take my drs advice so I don't have to go through this again.
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    My story is similar to yours in that I have a 13 month old and could not wait to try again.  It took me over two years to get pregnant with my first and we weren't even trying for the second.  But, of course we got used to the news quickly and were thrilled to have our children so close in age.  Having those hopes and dreams ripped away from me was pretty terrible.  My doctor told me to wait 2 cycles and another one in the practice told me I only had to wait one.  I ended up waiting the two because I would never forgive myself if I got pregnant right away and something happened.  I know there is no knowing for sure but I was just so scared.  I just finished cycle two so we will be trying this month.  Good luck to you.
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  • My Dr. said it was ok for us to try again as soon as we are emotionally ready... But it is definitely interesting to see all the different advice everyone's Dr.'s are giving.

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  • It's different for everyone. I got pregnant within a month of an MC of about 8 weeks, there was no AF between my pregnancies, just the MC. That pregnancy ended in another MC at just over 4 months. That might've been bad luck, I hear the same things as others mentioned, that there's no proof getting pregnant again so soon after an MC results in another one. I just know that I'm waiting for AF this time around to soothe my own mind. 8 weeks and counting, still no AF. This last one did a number on my system.

    Whatever route you choose, good luck!
  • image Maureene239:

    My Dr. said it was ok for us to try again as soon as we are emotionally ready... But it is definitely interesting to see all the different advice everyone's Dr.'s are giving.

    yes this is what my dr. said.  She told me that I should wait for one cycle so we can know what is going on and there is no guessing of am I pregnant?  Wait... am I pregnant or is my period just not here yet after the mc.  Also, she said that the main reason people are told to wait 2-3 months is emotional readiness.



    no clue.... it is bizzare all the different advice given!


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  • I had a recent miscarriage 2 weeks ago and my doctor said that we can TTC once I have stopped bleeding.  He agreed that the evidence no longer suggests that a woman needs to wait until she has her first AF.
  • It is kind of crazy how there's so much different advice being given! My dr said that she'd like me to have at least one period before we tried again. DH and I really want a baby so we'll start trying again after AF comes. 
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  • My doctor said to wait one cycle for dating purposes and emotional reasons. I have had 3 losses, with the first two we were pregnant the next cycle we tried (I am in the middle of the 3rd now).
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  • I had a miscarriage may 26 and got a BFP June 24. If you are feeling emotionally able to try there is no physical reason not to since there was no Dc or complications with the loss. You are actually more fertile before you have your first period after a miscarriage. There is research to support all this and if you are not sure ask your dr for research supporting his suggestion
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