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Introducing Lauren!

Hey ladies!  Just checking in to report that our new little sweetheart, Lauren, was born just shy of 8am on Tuesday, June 18th.  8lbs, 8ozs and 19.5 inches long.  We all came home yesterday around lunchtime and we're getting settled in really well.  Monica is doing great as a big sister!!

I was feeling "off" while putting M to bed to Monday night, and I told DH this might be it.  I was having NO contractions for a few days, but they started up, quick and consistent, around 11pm.   We called his parents to come over and hustled to the hospital around midnight, as contractions were already 4-5 mins apart and very strong.  I was 3-4 cm and they rushed my epidural because I was having trouble managing the pain.

I snagged about 2 hours of sleep once the epi was in place.  Around 4am, I was halfway at 5cm, and then at my 6am check, I was 10cm.  They said they were going to give it an hour for the baby to come the rest of the way down into position, and my mom hurried over to join us at the hospital. 

Then things got a little crazy.  My epidural wore off on one side only, and the pain was REALLY bad.  They tried to give me another boost to take off the edge, but it wasn't working, and then the anesthesiologist didn't want to give me anything stronger for at least another half hour.  I started throwing up from the pain, and next thing I knew, I could feel the baby crowning!  My mom said no way, but DH ran to grab the doctor.  Sure enough, the pressure from vomiting had almost pushed her right out!  The docs and nurses quickly got into position, and she was born with three good pushes in under five minutes.  The end was SO quick, it was unreal!

We came home from the hospital yesterday, and everything is going really well so far.  I had a long, rough recovery when M was born, so I'm really happy to be doing so much better this time around.  DH has been super amazing, and I feel like we're doing really well getting into a groove to with the two girls.  Here's a pic of our new little love: 

She's nursing like a champ already,  so hopefully I can find some time to mobile bump during feedings.  Hope all is well with you ladies!

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