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water birth vs not

I still do not know if I want to use medication or not during my delivery. If I choose not to use medication I am considering water birth. I have heard that it can greatly reduce labor pains. Has anyone delivered without medication and then in the water? Does it really reduce the pain?

Re: water birth vs not

  • I haven't, but my friend did with two of her three children and it relaxed her. So it can for some. I know some midwives do not want women to use the bath right away though because like an epidural it could slow things down earlier than they'd like. I thought it would for me but I had back labor so standing up was the best position for dealing with the pain.
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  • I've given birth both "on land" and in water. I much preferred the water. The buoyancy was really relaxing, and allowed me to relax more. I also didn't tear with my second baby. I'm not sure if it was due to the water, or the fact that I had already had a baby. If/when I have another baby, I will definitely be going the water birth route again.
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  • I think at least laboring in water is great, especially for a FTM. I labored and pushed in a tub w my first, and I think it really helped me get through transition. I didn't really care either way with my second, though I'm sure it wouldn't have made it worse.
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  • I did regular birth for my first and water for my second.  I definitely preferred being in the water and I'm not a pool or beach person in the least.

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  • I attempted a water birth for my first. I had a home birth and got in the water at 8 cm. I couldn't get comfortable or push well when the time came. I was just frustrated by the water! This time I'm skipping the water and just having baby on my bed or wherever.

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  • I did not have a water birth, but I labored for a while in a warm tub. It alleviated SO much of the pressure and pain to the point where I could actually talk and laugh, instead of moaning and such. I will definitely be using a warm tub for all of my next pregnancies as well, and possibly have a water birth.
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  • I had a water birth almost 7 weeks ago with my first. It was wonderful. You aren't supposed to get in too early because it can slow things down, but in my case, it actually sped things up. I just knew I needed to get in the water... it wasn't a desire so much as a necessity. The midwife said no at first and then said we could try it but I might have to get out if things slowed. 

    Anyways, that wasn't your question. It really did make things much more manageable and comfortable. I couldn't get comfortable at all out of the water. It really does make everything feel so much better. It wasn't like it removed all pain completely or anesthetized, but it really was amazing. I'd highly recommend it, and wouldn't give birth any other way.   

    ETA: Oh, and I had no tearing. I think it was the combination of the water and the perineal massage we had been doing every night starting at 36 weeks.  

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  • Haven't had one, but are planning one with our first.  Our midwife said that what she's observed is that babies seem to come out much more relaxed when birthed into water than when they come out into air because it's less of a harsh transition for them.  She said they cry less, seem less in distress and generally a lot more relaxed.  
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