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Allergy Testing

Hi Ladies.  I don't usually post here but thought you guys could provide some insight.  I'm getting DS tested for peanut allergies.  We haven't seemed to have any problems with it, I've even fed him peanut butter before (which he always spits out and not reacted to) but last week he got the peanut butter jar out of the pantry, chewed on the lid and a nasty little rash appeared on his face/chin.  At his 18mo appointment on Monday the doc said it's probably an allergy and so we're having him tested.  I figure it's better safe than sorry, especially w/ peanuts.  Have you had to have your child tested?  What did it involve?  The doc said it was just a blood test so that's just getting a vial of blood from him, right?  TIA!
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Re: Allergy Testing

  • If they are doing a RAST test then yes, they will take a vial of blood from him. In all honesty, the skin prick testing is more accurate than the blood test. I wonder why they wouldn't do that with him instead. Is your pediatrician the one ordering/drawing the blood or are they sending you to an allergist?
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  • Our allergist did the skin scratch test on DS's back. No big deal he didn't even flinch. Not sure why they'd do a blood test its more invasive.
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  • DS just had a skin test done today. They did a 'test' on my arm so I could feel what it was like - I didn't feel a thing. It doesn't hurt at all. The hardest part was keeping him still for 15 minutes but I brought his favorite book and he did great.


    Maybe ask for a referral to an allergy doctor. I agree about the blood test post above. 

  • Thanks for the replies.  The doc is doing the blood test.  I believe the theory is to find out if there is an allergy, then if so, we can take it to the next level with the allergist.  However, I now I have enough questions to ask the doc to warrant a call before we go so I understand what she is thinking.  If the scratch test is that simple I think I would prefer that honestly.  I have no desire to hold my child down while she takes his blood.  Thanks again!
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  • aandgaandg
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    When DD had a really bad reaction to eggs, our pedi did a food RAST blood test. When we got the results of that test, she was sent the allergist who did a skin prick test for whole bunch of different things. That test wasn't a big deal at all. She then had another, more extenisve, blood test done through her allergist. 
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  • Little red bumps kept popping up on DS and I couldn't figure out what what causing it. We took him to an allergist and they did the needle prick thing on his back. It did not bother DS one bit. We found a tree nut allergy that was being transferred through my breast milk. I would have never figured that out on my own, so I am really really glad I took him in. Now we know!

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