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Update:Miscarriage but nothing expelled yet

I need some help. How long is too long to not bleed and expel the tissue during a miscarriage? My baby stopped developing at six weeks. I would be 11 weeks now. I have some cramping and light bleeding but other than that, nothing. My insurance does not cover d&c. My doctor said to wait it out but I'm concerned its taking too long. Any advice would really be appreciated. . Thank you...........well after bleeding a little and nothing else, my doctor finally prescribed me something called cytotec. I believe one of you mentioned that might help....I took my first dose last Friday......nothing other than a little bleeding. Today at 2 pm I took a second dose....nothing. Took a third dose at 7pm..lots of cramping. No bleeding. Ill have to have the d&c if this doesn't work...weird question but since my ins won't cover that procedure, does anyone know if an abortion clinic could help me? Is it the same procedure?

Re: Update:Miscarriage but nothing expelled yet

  • That seems like a long time but if your doc isn't concerned I guess I wouldn't be either unless you aren't feeling well.  My doc didn't want me to wait any longer (3.5 weeks) as I was having no signs.  It is possible that your body will never get the memo.
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    You can insert suppository meds to induce mc. This is what I did in Nov. it forces your cervix to open and I mc within hours of insertion. It is an ulcer med so it cost me $12. May want to ask your OB?
  • I'm sorry for your loss and so sorry you are stuck in limbo.  I agree that I would ask about medication to induce things at this point.   I can't imagine having to wait that long and not being able to start getting closure and healing.
  • I had an empty sac, so the sac was growing, but there was no baby inside.  I started bleeding around 9 weeks, about half a week after I found out.  When did you find out that you were having the miscarriage?  I have heard that knowing can help our bodies figure out what they are supposed to do.

    If you are uncomfortable waiting, another option would be to call Planned Parenthood.  I assume that they can help either with medication or a D&C, though you would have to call them to be sure, and to figure out how much they would charge.  

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  • You might check back with your insurance.  My old insurance didn't cover d&c's until AFTER a certain point.  So you couldn't opt to just get a d&c instead of waiting, but if you had waited X number of weeks and things weren't happening, and you tried the pills, and they didn't work, THEN they would cover it because it met their list of stupid requirements.

     Just a thought, but you might try?  Good luck.


    ETA: And not to encourage insurance fraud, but do some research on the pills available/what insurance says you need to try.  I've heard some crazy horror stories with how painful they are.

  • Do you remember  how long it took to mc with that med?
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