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71 New-Mom Truths

"An incomplete list of the extraordinary, mundane, frustrating, and funny facts of your new life as a mom"


How much of this rang true for you guys? I'd say about 80% of this was right on the nose for me (the rest geared towards having an older baby). 

"You will pretend you don't smell your child's dirty diaper as you hand her to Dad."

Yup Wink


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Re: 71 New-Mom Truths

  • Hahaha I totally did this one:

    9. You will laugh at your OB when she asks what you plan on using for birth control at your six-week postpartum checkup.




  • kitevkitev
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    5. You will want to apologize to friends and family who had kids before you for never really getting why they had less time for you.

    Not so much having "less time" for me, but rather never being on time! Having a kid is no excuse to be late, just start getting them ready earlier.
    Yeah... I'm eating my words and have already apologized.
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