Constantly posting religious items on FB

So I have a FB "friend" who lately has gotten  very into his religion. I am glad that he found something he is into and have nothing against people who regularly go to church, participate in church events, etc. It is just NMS...DH and I went to a church fairly regularly for a few months a couple years back and it just wasn't something that appealed to us but have nothing against ppl who do.

 Anywho...I am now getting increasingly annoyed at how many religious posts this guy makes. It's like constantly. I will likely take him off of my friend list b/c it is way.too.much. What sent me over the edge with being annoyed was his post on James Gandolfini's death yesterday. He stated that he didn't know who James Gandolfini is and basically who cares about his death...he then went into a diatribe about JC dying for our sins. I thought this was over the top and pretty ridiculous. Why say anything at all? Is it wrong for people to be sad that a damn good actor passed away? And why bring JC into it. Weird...

Does anyone else have ppl on their friends list who do this? What's your reaction? DH has an old co-worker who posts like 5 scripture quotes in a row every morning. DH is kinda annoyed by it and said that he would consider removing the guy as a friend if it wasn't for the fact that he is a good contact/reference.

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Re: Constantly posting religious items on FB

  • Good contact/reference how?  Would you actively use him for job stuff?  It sounds sycophantic to keep someone around because they are a "good person to know".  In your DH's case, I'd probably just hide him so I didn't have to see it all day.  The dude will never know.

    I recently unfriended a lady who had started constantly putting preachy bible crap on facebook.  I can't stand it and I certainly don't want to read it multiple times a day.

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  • I'd probably just hide them from my feed, or change my subscriptions to "most" or "only important" to help filter out most or all of that.
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    Block from Newsfeed?

    This.  I did the same when a friend did nothing but spam the feed with pictures of sad, sick cats and dogs (she works at a animal shelter).  It was a bit much.

  • Hide from feed if you dont want their posts yet will not unfriend them.
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  • Yep.  Just had a (Catholic) friend post yet another "Birth control is from Satan" this morning.  Sometimes I'll comment, but most times I just ignore.  I've known her for most of my life so I won't unfriend but sometimes I get tired of all the posts. 
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  • That's why we don't have Facebook. How annoying!
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  • Thanks for the idea to hide in the newsfeed. I didn't even think about the feature. It will definitely be put into effect here shortly!

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  • I don't understand why people get so upset about what other people post on FB (unless its directed to them personally).  Hide them from your newsfeed, de-friend them or use the scroll thingy on your mouse to quickly bypass it.  Easy peasy.

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    That's why we don't have Facebook. How annoying!

    Yep, this. I hate FB with a passion. I'm sure its great for other reasons, but its the people that get all obnoxious and preach about shiit that ruin it for everyone else.

    From what I hear from my mom, my sister is one of those annoying FB people. Ever since she joined crossfit and started following the Paleo diet, its all she preaches about.

    Don't get me wrong, she's successfully lost 50lbs and I'm happy for her..and definitely a bit jealous! But I'm not looking for shittons of unsolicited advice about crossfit and paleo everyday. I'm certainly glad I'm not involved with FB for this reason.
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  • I'm Christian. I deleted a certain person because he was always making fun of Christians. I have hidden people because they're annoying in other ways. If people want to delete me, more power to them. I post religious stuff occasionally and I post about LO.

    People really make to big of deal about FB. Don't like someone? There's the delete button, they'll live.
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