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NBR: 5 Year Anniversary Gift Idea

Hi everyone!  I do not post too often but love all of the advice and ideas from our board!

 Our 5 year wedding anniversary is coming up and I have no idea what to get DH.  Any ideas?  What did you get yours if you have already been married 5+ years?

Re: NBR: 5 Year Anniversary Gift Idea

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    We went to the coast for the day and bought fish and chips and had a picnic on the beach. Our anniversary fell on Mother's Day weekend and it was our first trip with baby so we didn't do much. We're kinda lame.
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  • Hi! What kind of guy is DH? Is he manly man? Into tools and stuff? You could always do a Home Depot GC if so. I did that for my hubs and he loved it. He had fun going shopping for a new toy for himself.
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  • Last summer was my 5 year anniversary and we went to Cape May for a weekend because that's where we went on our honeymoon. Also since the 5 year gift is wood and we were being frugal, we made gifts involving wood. I cheated and bought a frame that I modified. DH carved me a wooden starfish and made it into a necklace.

    As for ideas, with my DH I can never go wrong with alcohol. Depending on what your DH is into you could go with a craft beer, funky wine or an aged Scotch.
  • He likes the outdoors, but not into tools.  We did a big trip last year, got him a hammock the year before, and then a new tv before that.  He said he desn't want any clutter for the house so I am at a complete loss.  We have so much baby stuff around the house that I don't want to add anything either.
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