LO standing on outside of foot

Hi everyone. I'm going to try to explain this, hopefully you will understand what I mean. Whenever I hold LO upright to "stand" (he's 3 months). He stands on the outside of his feet. His feet do not go flat. His legs look bowed. When he is laying down they look normal, but when you try to straighten them out, the look bowed and his feet do look turned out. I never noticed this with me older DS. Is this normal, or something potentially going on with his legs? He has a pedi apt in July, I plan on bringing it up. Just wondered if anyone else experienced this and what was the outcome. TIA



Re: LO standing on outside of foot

  • No idea but he's only 3 months so I wouldn't panic!
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  • Yes, totally normal. The legs begin to straighten out when they start weight bearing. That's why a lot of toddlers look like they are bow legged when they begin walking.
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  • My DD did this big time from birth. I just noticed in the last month or so that she is starting to stand flat-footed and her legs look less bowed. She's only 6 months so I really have no clue what I'm talking about, but it seems like one of those things that goes away with age.

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