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  • I do. At my 32w US, baby was about 3 lbs 8 oz, and he was in the 14th percentile. His femur however, is under the 2nd percentile. Its scary, but the doctors dont seem toooo concerned. I just have to watch my AFI and get bi-weekly NSTs. My next growth US is this coming Tuesday, and Ill almost be 36 weeks so hopefully we'll get a game plan.
  • Yes, but they haven't declared it IUGR yet.

     I had a growth scan yesterday at 32 weeks and she was only 3 lbs 6z. All of her measurements are proportionate and she scored well, but she is just a tiny peanut.


    I will be having bi-weekly NSTs and weekly BPPs. At 36 weeks, I have another umbilical cord doppler due to the fact that she has a two vessel cord.

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    yes, had it with DS.  

    Combo of IUGR and preeclampsia

  • I have had 2 IUGR babies.  Aside from being tiny at birth (see siggy) they are healthy today!
    What did ya get bro?


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  • I know you from the August 2013 board too! My docs haven't officially declared IUGR yet, but I have a follow up u/s tomorrow to make sure she's still growing.

    I also have GD, so I'll be doing 2x weekly NSTs starting next week. And, possibly another u/s at 36 or 37 weeks.  


  • We have this. Getting weekly umbilical cord dopplers and bpps. So far so good since 31 weeks. I will have another growth ultrasound tomorrow at 34 weeks. Fingers crossed for good growth tomorrow. We also had asymmetrical growth with the head near average and the abdominal circumference and femur length below 5th percentile. What's going on with your LO growth?
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  • I had IUGR with my son. It was extreme, but he was born a day shy of 39 weeks. He weighed 4 lbs, 3 oz and spent two weeks in the hospital (special care). His major issue was maintaining his blood sugar levels. Once he got that down, he was just a feeder/grower until he was released at 4 lbs, 14 oz. 

    He's been growing like a weed since his birth and is now a super healthy and happy toddler. PM me if you have any questions! 

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  • My daughter was an IUGR baby. Head circumference was normal, abdominal circ was less than 5th percentile. Looking at her today (3 years) you would NEVER know it. She's over 95th percentile for height and weight. She grew FAST.
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  • My oldest was iugr.

    His head was two weeks ahead, his stomach about 3 weeks behind and femur close to 4 and 5 weeks behind.

    I was diagnosed at 28 weeks and was monitored twice a week which included a BPP each time. If he didn't do well [i think it only happened once or twice] they did a NST.

    He was born at 36 weeks 2 says [induced] and weighed 5 pounds 3 oz.

    He's now a very healthy 27 pound 20 month old!


  • DS1 was IUGR. He was less than 3rd percentile and weighed 3lb0oz at 34 weeks, when I was delivered. This baby Is beginning to fall off his curve. I have an US on Tuesday to determine if he os classified as discordinant or not. His abdomen is measuring almost 2 weeks behind. I have twice a week NSTs because of my history.
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  • Hi again! I posted about this on a separate thread, but it looks like my DD is IUGR too, her abdominal circumference is only in the 8th percentile.

    I'll have a follow up u/s at 37 weeks, and if she doesn't show any progress, I'll be induced.

    The good news is it seems like most of the others who had this issue had healthy, normal babies who are now children growing strong.

    Good luck mama!  


  • It seems like everyone had decent sized babies! I had my daughter who was severe IUGR. She was delivered at 37 weeks at 3 pounds 10 ounces, she started at our 20 weeks ultrasound measuring 2 weeks behind, and then each growth ultrasound she basically kept growing, but just super slow, and kept losing in her percentiles as well. She was born in the less than 1 % and we are doing well at 5 weeks old!
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