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Nursery painted!!!

Well the nursery is painted...still pretty empty though...I feeling very behind with this little one....does everyone else have the nursery decorated and ready to go?


Re: Nursery painted!!!

  • TBN13TBN13
    We've called the painters twice with no luck... I think they are lamenting doing the stripes on our accent wall above the chair rail my hubs put up... so they are avoiding us! LOL! Oh, well I'm not worried.  What colors did you paint?  I'd love to see pics!
  • Bwah ha ha... Paint samples are on the wall...none of which I I'm still trying to figure that out... Hoping to have it figured out by the end of the week and painted before July 1st... We'll see how that actually goes! I def think I'm more lax because this is numbero dos...gulp...

     On a positive note, I did order the curtains, curtain hardware and area rug for the nursery. At least I feel a little accomplished!! 


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  • We have done zero to prepare for this baby. The basement remodel that needs to happen before my daughter moves out of the nursery hasn't even started yet. Too bad she started unzipping her sleep sack and climbing out of the crib this week. We have no plan! 
  • NtymecNtymec
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    We bought the paint... Five weeks ago! My husband has been nesting in the lawn rather than the nursery! He is obsessed with it lately. Im trying not to push him but the shower is coming up soon and that room needs to be cleared out!

    Hmmmmm maybe if I bribe him with massages and beef jerky.
  • This is our first and I thought I would have the nursery set up and ready to go at this point. I however have nothing done but the walls painted, and that is because my mom and grandma came over and painted over Memorial Day! I'm actually not freaking out about it yet but would like to have the majority of it put together by the end of July! That's reasonable right?!

  • No Way! We have a friend doing a Dr. Seuss jungle theme for the nursery. It was really super sweet for her to offer, however, she is very busy working for the rat (what we locals refer to Disney World as haha) and with life in general so we have most of the sky done minus the trim where the ceiling and walls meet because she was waiting on a ladder. We have the green paint for the grass and I am so tempted to just take one of my days off and paint the grass myself but the last thing I want to do is offend her because this is a very sweet thing she is doing for us. I just have to keep telling myself I have 8 weeks before school starts again LOL!
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  • Ours is "set up" as far as furniture is sitting where I think I want it. However, the bookshelf, rocker, lamp, and dresser/changing table all still need refinished. The walls still need painted. The fabric was officially purchased today that will be used for the crib skirt and the cushion cover for the rocker. The letters for his name have been purchased and obviously can't go on the walls til we paint. Good news: we have purchased the paint! lol. Both DH and I are teachers so we've been putting everything off until very recently when we got out of school for the summer. Plus, my showers are not til August, so I'll be waiting on a lot of those things too.
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  • We dont have a thing done.. we still have to evict all the cats stuff. Put down a new floor. Then Paint and start putting furniture together.. im a FTM but im not worried yet. I need to have everything done by 7/21 cause that is when we are having the shower

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  • jnetxjnetx
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    We are building a house right now and won't close until the end of July! So absolutely not. I plan to start repainting a dresser next week and have bought letters for his name but haven't decided if I am going to paint them or yarn wrap them. I would love to have more done, but the house has to be finished first!
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  • Ha! We haven't painted (or even bought the paint) yet. We do have the crib (in a box), mattress, rocker and few other small things, but obviously not set up yet. We also have been working on refinishing a dresser, but that won't go in til we paint. I'm not too stressed. I figure as long as it's ready by the end of July I will feel okay about it.
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  • Just bought a house and it closes aug 29th so I won't be doing a nursery until September! !
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  • Yay! I'm not alone! Nursery/former office is most of the way cleared out, but now the garage needs to be cleaned to stash stuff there. It never ends! Paint picked and furniture is ready to go. DH has been on rotating shift work which means only a few days off a month, but that also means not much off time before LO arrives! . On top of that, we've never painted DS room since we moved in 2 years ago, so to be fair we have to paint his at the same time, so that needs to be cleaned and prepped, too. I know it'll get done, but am getting more stressed as it gets closer!
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  • DH finally got it painted last week.  Crib is put together and the dresser is 90% put together.  We just need to get the vinyl wall quote up, and the glider/rocker will be delivered soon.  I was stalking my registry and I saw that someone bought our bedding, so I hope it is someone who is coming to our first shower in July.  I can't WAIT to get everything put together!!!!!
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  • Our nursery is all decorated and furniture is in. We did not have to paint though so that was a big step we skipped. Don't feel bad you still have a bit to go.
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