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those who use miralax

Ive been using it here and there b/c little man (2 1/2) has been having issues since potty training but i was wondering:

how often you give it & how long can you use it for?  week, 2 weeks...??  

i know the bottle says one cap in 24 hrs. so Im just wondering.



Re: those who use miralax

  • We used it for DD1.  She started poop holding after she potty trained, she would hold it in for 8-10 days.  We used it to give her urgency to go.  We gave her a cap full in juice once a day.  We were told we could use it for a long period of time, but only ended up needing it for a couple weeks. 
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    We use Miralax daily.  We do just slightly over 1/2 a cap every morning with her breakfast.  This is our third round of it.  I stopped giving it to DD too early the first two times and she went right back to withholding.  This time I plan on continuing it until we potty train.  Our pedi says it is fine to use long term. 
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  • I quit using it because we were to the point of having to use it daily and it seemed like her body was getting accustomed to it and needed more and more to get the same result.  The doctor kept suggesting larger and larger doses to get the same result and I was getting uncomfortable about using that large of doses daily. 

    I have since heard from other people on here that they had problems getting off of Miralax too and said that they didn't have quite as many problems when they weaned off of it slowly. 

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  • My DD has been using Miralax daily since she was very little (around 1 maybe?)--she's a little over 3 now.  She only recently went to the full dose, but we will be weaning her off of it per pediatric GI's instructions in about 5 months.  I've never been a huge fan of having her take it daily, but the alternative was much worse. Now that she has stopped withholding her poop (FINALLY!!), I hope we'll be in the clear!
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  • We use it daily.  We use half a cap with her morning milk.  The pedi told us long term use isn't a problem.  She said a lot of kids have constipation issues around the age of 2 and they usually outgrow it around the age of 5 or 6.  We tried getting off of it a few times, but she had issues again. 
  • Our kids Dr. said you start off with a half cap and if that doesn't work go up to another half cap. If there poop starts to get real runny cut back. DS always got a full cap a day because he needed it. DD gets a half cap a day and is good to go. 
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  • You can also try these if you dont like MiraLax. I always keep them on hand especially when traveling because kids tend to hold it when we are away from home for long periods of time. You can find them at your local stores.


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  • We were using .5-1 capful a day on and off for about a year. We were told (by our pedi) that many kids are on it for years. My son was one who would hold it and end up severely constipated (encopresis).  A few months ago, completely unrelated, we switched to almond milk and the problems have cleared up. It softened his poops enough that we were able to go off the Miralax right away. Now, we're potty training and he actually does better with pooping than peeing. I just thought I would share since it made such a huge difference to us.
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