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Eating schedules

Hey bumpies...whats your child's eating schedule looking like these days.  mine is changing up with solids so i'm looking for ideas on making it smoother. I have a 7mo and am thinking about start 3 meals a day...too early?  he is going 3.5-4 hours between nursing/bottles and currently has breakfast/supper.


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Re: Eating schedules

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    We started on 3 meals a day at 9 months per the pedi's recommendation. Just our experience. There really is no rush.
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  • My pedi said at his 6 month appt that we could do 3 meals a day. We had just started doing 2 meals a day, so I thought we would probably wait a month or so before throwing the 3rd in there.
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  • We do BLW, so maybe its different. Our Dr said we could feed her whenever we eat. Because she feeds herself she doesn't take in more than she needs. She's BF and hasn't dropped any feedings. If she hasn't BF in a while I BF her before the meal.
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  • Well e are on no sort of schedule but it seems to be something kind of like this... 6 oz bottle at 6am, 10, 1pm, 4, 8. She usually doesn't finish all of them maybe leaving an ounce or two here and there. Fruit with a little cereal for breakfast and veggie around dinner time.
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  • I just started 3 times a day since the pediatrician said it was fine if the baby seems ready. Does your baby seem ready???

    Our schedule is:

    5am: 4 ounce bottle, goes back to sleep

    8am: 5 ounce bottle

    8:30- 9: 2-3 ounces solids

    12pm: 5 ounce bottle

    12:30-1: 2-3 ounces solids

    4 pm: 5 ounce bottle

    4:30-5: 2-3 ounces of solids

    7:30: 6 ounce bottle then bed GL!

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  • DS is 7 mo as well, and we do 2-3 meals a day.  we do B & D daily, but sometimes I drop L depending on our schedule. 

    I'm SAHM and I still nurse him 8x/day (before & after each nap, though the "before" is more like a snack), 1st thing in the AM, and last thing in the evening.  He STTN.

    6am wake up - nurse

    7am b'fast

    8'ish am - nursing snack before nap

    10a wake up from 1st nap - nurse

    12 noon (if we're home) - lunch

    12:30pm - nursing snack before 2nd nap

    2p wake up from 2nd nap - nurse

    3:30p - lunch (if we skipped 12n lunch), or a solids snack

    4pm - nursing snack before 3rd nap

    6pm  wake up from 3rd nap - nurse

    6:30pm - dinner

    7:45pm - nurse before bed

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  • We've done 3 meals a day for about a month now. Mine were definitely ready for it! 

    6:30am. Wake up

    7-7:30am. 6 oz bottle

    9am. Breakfast (oatmeal/ apples or pears)

    11:30am. 6 oz bottle

    1pm. Lunch (vegetable- sweet potatoes or squash)

    3:30pm. 6 oz bottle

    5:30pm. Dinner (vegetable- sweet potatoes or squash or peas or green beans and yogurt. Mine LOVE yogurt!!! We use Yo Baby)

    7:30pm. Bedtime bottle 6oz

    This schedule varies depending on naps. But I say really close to it. GL. Mine love solids!!! 

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  • we started solids at 5mo3wks and introduced 3 meals a day at 7.5 mos.

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