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Recommend your double stroller

Does anyone have one that they really like?  I don't want to spend over $300 and even that is more than we want to spend.  I hear the front to back ones are super heavy but those seem to be more reasonably priced.  I need one I can handle on my own when hubby isn't with us and one that I can snap the infant car seat into.  Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance! 

Re: Recommend your double stroller

  • I wish I hadn't bought one to use with my carseat. I bought the Chicco one because I have a Keyfit and while I like it, I never use it because I usually wear LO and put DS in an umbrella stroller. I do have a Kinderwagon which I'm very excited to start using soon.
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  • Joovy sit and stand one.
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    Joovy Caboose Ultralight.
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  • We bought the City Mini double. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for and it's an investment. We also got the Joovy Caboose that I leave in the car for when I am out driving. 
  • I've been very happy with our Baby Trend Sit n Stand stroller. I put the infant seat in the back and have DD2 sit in the front seat. Eventually DD3 can sit in front, and DD2 can sit or stand on the platform part in the back.
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    Joovy sit and stand one.

    This. I really like it.
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  • I love my Graco DuoGlider. I didn't have the budget for anything more, but have really been pleased with it and would definitely recommend it. 

    If mine had been farther apart (they're 19 months apart) I would have gone with a sit and stand. I've heard good things about the Joovy. 

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  • 2011 City Mini Double. I got a snuzzler and just put DD2 in the regular stroller seat with it, but you can buy an adapter if you really want the carseat to snap in. If you can find a 2011 version instead of the newer model, it was $300 as opposed to $450. I'm super happy with it since DD1 is still a big stroller fan and she can fall asleep in it, which came in very handy for us at the beach. If DD1 wasn't as good of a stroller rider I would have saved some money and gone with a sit and stand, but I'm really happy to have two fully reclining seats with their own giant sun canopies. I have a single City Mini too and just really love the design. It's incredibly easy to fold, very maneuverable, one of the narrowest ones I could find... I'm a big fan :)

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