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How do you get through the bad days?

Today my DS1 took a short nap and DS2 is fussy and gassy. He has been spitting up extra bad today.

I was trying to nurse but he gagged on my letdown and then wouldn't latch after I burped him so I had to give him a bottle and try to pump.

He screamed on the bed next to me while DS1 tried to lay by him. Which means pulling on his arms and legs. I kind of got my pumping in.

Then DS1 dumped my moms whole cup of lemonade on her carpet and DS2 is in just a diaper in his car seat because he soaked his clothes. And we just got home. I'm begging DH to come home even though I know that's not an option.
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Re: How do you get through the bad days?

  • Surrender to the insanity and remember it won't last forever.

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    Go in another room for a minute and breathe if you need to. I had a terrible night last night. Dd went to sleep at 10 and woke up at 2 and then was up until 5 then woke up at 6 and was hungry and needed to be changed then slept until 10:30. DS got up at 8 and watched the kindle while I slept a little longer. Then I have been trying to clean from having my moms birthday party here, keep dd up so she sleeps better tonight, and keep up with DS. My husband came home and ate lunch and said he has potluck at work tomorrow and I need to make something and I really need to do laundry and he is going to the gym tonight after work so he doesn't know when he will be home and then asks what I am making for dinner... Ahhhhhhhhhh....
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  • One of my mom's favorite sayings is, "the days are long, but the years are short." That helps me remember that this precious baby phase will be over too soon, and I will want it back, even though it's so hard at times.
    Take some deep breaths and remember that this is the stuff a good life is made of!
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  • Walk away for a few minutes. I do this almost daily. Evening are the worst for me from about 4 to 6 or 7pm. It's fussy time for LO, time to make dinner, plus my older 2 always find this the perfect time to fight and scream.

    Some days I just go for a ride or go to bed when my husband gets home if its been a really bad day. It does get better though and that's what gets me day to day.
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  • You should read, Loving the Little Years. It's a good book for that kind of stuff. And it's a enjoyable, easy read.

    But when my kids wake up too early or were up all night, etc. we go to Starbucks! Starbucks is a treat for me so knowing I can go do something fun once morning comes, makes me happy. Silly, I know!
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  • Truth: too much iPad or an extra episode of Jake. Cookies. Long walks. Going to the park. Ordering in dinner or scrambled eggs for all. Water play DD loves it so much when I was pregnant I would put down towels in the dining room and let her use her water table inside. Stickers. Screwing everything else and just surviving and going to bed as early as possible.


  • I just remember that country song your gonna miss this... I just keep in my mind that they aren't little for long and I will think about how silly it was to be stressed about those times and to just take it all in. But in the moment that's hard to do but that is what I try to do.

  • I had a bad day today.  When DH got home, I went to the gym for a bit.  I really wanted to run but I'm not ready for it yet.  Just walking and light lifting helped release some stress though.  
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