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Out of curiosity...

When did your LO roll over? DS has yet to do it. I'm not concerned, just wondering when others have done it.

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Re: Out of curiosity...

  • IdaniIdani
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    My first was a big baby and didn't roll until 7 months.  This one did at 4.

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  • a couple times around 4 months, but not much now.  I know she can though.
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  • DS started doing it in his sleep about 2-3 weeks ago. During the day on a regular basis, last week.
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  • At 14 weeks, she did it 3 times in a row, and has done it again since! That was about 3 weeks ago.
  • DD#1 was a late roller - I would have to check her baby book - but I think it was like 6 months or so - to even go from front to back - which is easiest.

    DD#2 has already rolled a few times from front to back (when I start her on her tummy) - she has not yet rolled from back to front - which takes more coordination.

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  • Her first full roll from front to back was at 16 weeks 1 day. She had been doing three quarter rolls and getting mostly on her tummy but her arm always stayed underneath. At 16w1d she got her arm out and was fully on her tummy. It came out of nowhere one day. 
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  • DS did just a few days past 5 months, but only from back to belly. Still no belly to back though :)

  • DS1 rolled before 4 months. DS2 has not yet. I mentioned it to his pediatrician yesterday when we were going over his milestones and he laughed and said his daughter didn't roll until 7 months because she was a chunker.

    The only time this kid even seems interested in rolling over is in the bath so he can drink the water! Weirdo!
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  • mnj05mnj05
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    DS rolled twice on his own from belly to back last week, but nothing since then.

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  • My son has rolled belly to back maybe 3-4 times and back to belly exactly once. I have absolutely no recollection of when the older two did lol!
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  • alakealake
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    Niece rolled over for the first time a week ago.  She was just under four months.  I have custody of her

  • DD first rolled over at like 3 or 4 months. It was tummy to back. She still hasn't gone back to tummy and still doesn't consistently roll. She seems to be more determined now to crawl than to roll. She is 5.5 months.
  • 4 months. 
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  • DS was pushing 5 months when he started.
  • a&s05a&s05
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    DD started rolling belly to back at 6 weeks and just started back to belly last week at 17 weeks old
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  • b0710b0710
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    4 months but only back to belly, and DS can only roll to his left side. He did belly to back once but I'm pretty sure it was a mistake (too much momentum from the first roll).
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  • DS has only rolled over twice from belly to back and he is almost 6 months old. I don't think it's uncommon for them to not do it until later...but all babies are different. He will do it when he is ready....and wants to!

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  • my dd rolled stomach to back a few times around her 2month dr appt but hasnt really done it lately.  She hasnt done back to stomach but I expect her to do it soon since she gets on her side

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  • My DD rolled from belly to back at 2 weeks old, and back to belly at 4 months.
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  • She rolls from belly to back but not back to belly... i assume because she hates being on her belly

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  • DD rolled from back to tummy once before she started crawling- stubborn little thing. 

    DS rolled onto his side when he was 12 days old, kinda freaked me out. But he started rolling back to tummy about a month ago- he's freakishly strong though- like if he's in my lap squatting on my legs and gets mad, he will grab my shoulders and pull up to a standing position.  

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  • 12 weeks was from belly to back for the first time. It really picked up at 4 months, and now I can't get him to stop rolling everywhere.
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  • My daughter rolled front to back at 2 months shes now four months and is close to rolling back to tummy but im not gonna lie she spends very llittle time on her back. Ive just now started "back time" lol because shes slept on her tummy since 2 months and always sits in her bouncer or bumbo so she spends very little time flat on her back
  • Dd started rolling from back to tummy last week.  Hates being on her tummy but still has not tried rolling from tummy to back.
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  • 4.5 months for tummy to back, 5 months for back to tummy.

    My DS didn't do those until 6 and 7 months, though.

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  • Last week LO rolled over twice, and since has been unsuccessfully trying. Whatever you do, don't help baby roll over... Dd1 got stuck 3/4 of the way once and DH helped her finish the roll.. Next thing you know we're at the pedi's office with nurse maids elbow getting it popped back into place!
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