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Let's talk about sex...

...the sex of our babies, that is:) 

So, I'm wondering if the sex of your baby(ies) is a deciding factor in whether you decide to have more children in the future?  I bring this up because now that we have two girls, people are constantly asking us (telling us actually), "Well, I guess now you have to have a third to try for a boy now!"  Um, actually no, we don't and are not planning on it.  I am completely content with my two little girls and so is my husband.  There is such a weird societal perception that unless you have a child of each sex, your family must feel incomplete.  It's not an issue for us, but I wonder how other people feel.  

So, is the sex of your child/children a deciding factor for you?  

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Re: Let's talk about sex...

  • Nope, we were going to stop at #2 regardless. We have two boys.
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  • It would if we had 2 girls. I am the oldest of 3 girls and told my husband that if our first 2 kids were girls, we would be done. He wants to be done after 2, but I would like 3. Since our first is a boy, sex will not be a determination of how many we have now. It will probably just be how many we can afford. 
  • I thought I wanted one of each before children. Now that I have my daugher I really don't care about the sex. I just want them to be healthy.

  • We haven't decided whether we are done yet, since we have two boys, but if we did decide to have a third sex wouldn't factor into our decision. I think three boys would be fun! I don't have a burning desire to have a girl just because.

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  • mal922mal922
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    We always planned to have two and, although I'd love to have a girl next time, I wouldn't keep going until I got one. Twins run in my family, so I'm honestly a little more worried that anytime I have a kid we could end up with more than we bargained for! Not that twins wouldn't be a blessing, but we'll probably try for our next one when DS is around 1, so the thought of 3 under 2 is a little scary!
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  • it could be in the future. Not because I have to have a girl, but if I end up with four boys We will probably stop [we want either 4 or 5]. If my third is a girl and fourth is a boy, I would probably go for a fifth. If my fourth is a girl, I would also go for a fifth.

    Of course, that's just all the random planning that happens in my head. I'll be thrilled with whatever happens, weather it's just two boys or a house full of kids.


  • One and done! I was glad we had a boy and I would have been glad for a girl. Neither one would have affected our one and done stance.
  • i always planned on having 3-4, i know the hubbs wants a boy just so he can carry on the family name.  i have no real preference- just happy and healthy.  i had a dream that i had two girls close in age, then two boys a few years younger than them, also close in age. that would be a neat scenario.
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  • Hm. Maybe. I know dh wants more kids and def wants a boy but I'm kinda on the one and done train at the moment. But sometimes I think I would want dd to have a sister. Not that I wouldn't want a boy but my older sister and I are really close and I would love for dd to be able to experience the sister relationship like we have.

    But if I had a boy I'd be just as happy and two is the absolute limit no matter what the baby's sex was.

  • I would like to have one of each sex but if I had another girl that wouldn't cause me to go for a 3rd.  I want 2 or 3 (if I can afford a 3rd) but the sex wouldn't determine if I go for a 3rd.

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  • DH and I have always planned on having 4 or 5. DH is the only boy of four children so we are both hoping for a boy or two in there. But honestly as long as they are all healthy we are happy.

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    I joke that if the next one is a boy, we will have to have a third in hopes of me getting a girl. But really, as much as I would love a girl, I doubt we would try for a third for that reason alone.

    This is me exactly. I'd really love a girl, but not sure if I'd be able to handle 3 kids if the next baby is also a boy.
  • Yep... I had a boy first and if the second had been a boy, I probably would have had a third to "try" for a girl.  Luckily, it was a girl, and I am perfectly happy with my two kiddos now.  :)
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  • Kota26Kota26
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    Before you read my post... cross my heart and hope to cry this is light hearted to generate a smile and not to be taken seriously in the slightest!  When people ask how many children we want (and they know my sense of humor) I usually respond with the following:

    Person:How many children do you want to have?

    Me: Two or three, but definitely not four.

    Person: Why not four?

    Me: Because they say one out of every four children born is Chinese.


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  • DH and I agreed before marriage even that if after 2 children we don't have one of each gender and we can afford to we would go for a third. If we still didn't have one of each gender we'd stop there though. Our biggest deciding factor is finances. We don't live beyond our means and we want to give our LOs lots of opportunities (classes, good schools, sports, etc which costs money) but we don't want to have to work 24/7 to do so. We just had our first, a beautiful little girl, and we're completely content right now!
  • We are 2 and through regardless of gender. Like PP, our biggest deciding factor is finances. Even though H was the last to "carry on the family name" until DS arrived, he said he would've been completely happy with another girl and still would've been done.
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  • No. I would have been fine with a boy but now if I have a bunch of girls I'm ok with that. DH actually said he wants 2 or 3 girls and if there are no boys that's fine with him
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