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Best Bottoms FS

Before I post this tonight on cloth diaper swap/sale I wanted to send out feelers for some Best Bottoms I'm selling.

Covers in red, huckleberry, hedgehog and owl at $11/each excellent condition

Stay Dry Inserts in Large (blue serging) $24.00 for 9

Hemp Inserts in Large (blue serging) $12.00 for 3

Overnight Insert in large (blue serging) $5.00 for 1

Doubler Insert in large (blue serging) $2.00 for 1

Grand Total w/ Shipping: $90

  Everything in excellent condition. 2 of the stay dry inserts have light staining from blueberries but I can try sunning them before sending.

I'd be willing to break the lot up but not like a million times maybe a couple of times. I have to go home and actually take inventory tonight of everything but if you think you might be interested please respond with your email or let me know you sent me a PM. If not, I'll post tonight on a swap/sale board.

I'm selling them off because I want to transition to a new hybrid system.

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