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Wackadoodle Baby

Yesterday LO would not nap more than 10 or 20 minutes. Not even the stroller could induce a nap and he aaaalways sleeps in the stroller! I finally straight jacketed him and he fell asleep at 330pm... and slept till 11pm!!! then he woke every 3 or 4 hours to nurse like usual. This morning he has been up since 615am with the same craziness... nursing a lot and falling asleep for like, 20 minutes at most. Then surprise awake again!! I finally wrapped him up burrito style and, after an hour of fighting sleep, he is in some sort of restless sleep cycle again. wth baby?! w... t... h...

mobile LO is 3 months plus 1 week
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Re: Wackadoodle Baby

  • Sleep regression. I'm going through it right now. His startle reflex is really bad and can't nap like usual. It sucks.
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  • My LO has decided she likes to fall asleep on her belly. If I put her on the floor for tummy time she enjoys that for about 20 mins and then lays her head down and falls sleep. If she rolls from her tummy to her back then she starts crying until I put her back on her tummy and then she lays her head down and goes to sleep, and usually with her knees tucked under her and her bumm way up in the air. Fine for nap time since we have a fairly open concept main floor, btu it is starting to be a problem at night.
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  • DS has been doing this as well for the last week. Normally he takes hour to two hour naps. Now I'm lucky if I get him to take a 20 minute nap!! I have only been able to get one good long nap out of him a day. Ugh!! And he is more fussy than normal.
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  • Yep, going through that and eating less still.
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  • Oh man...My LO is just now starting to take naps really well, so I hope this is not right around the corner for us! Hopefully it only lasts a short time for you.
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