DH getting vasectomy soon..

Has anyone elses DH gone through with this? Know any places where I can get some good/reliable knowledge on vasectomies?

We are about to have our 2nd kid. We are definetly done after 2. DH said if we ever wanted another, we could adopt and I agree. He says he wants a vasectomy 6 months to 1 yr after DD2 is born.

I know nothing about this. I just want to make sure were educated on it.
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Re: DH getting vasectomy soon..

  • Start with your OB's office. They should be able to give you a recommendation or two.  Then schedule consultations with those people so you can learn more about the procedure.

    That is how it was explained to me by my OB since we are going the same route. We plan to make some phone calls to their recommended people once I have my 6wk postpartum checkup in July.

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  • My OB said DH should contact his general practioner and request a referral to the urologist.
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