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CPW: unpainted toenails


Imagine this with dogs and grass clippings, and this is why I vacuum twice a day. Gah!

Managing tree nut (me), peanut & egg (DS) allergies.

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Re: CPW: unpainted toenails

  • I think it depends.  If they are manicured or at least look like they are taken care of and you are wearing sandals or flip flops in a casual atmosphere I think it's fine.  I think it's odd if it you are at a special occasion with a fancy dress or dressed nicely for work and your toes aren't painted.  But I wouldn't judge, I know some people just aren't into nail polish.
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  • I would much rather see bare toes than toes with ratty, chipping paint.

    I prefer toes to be painted [for the fb group, Aria is living proof! Haha!], but it's not really a big deal to me either way.
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  • As with any other part of your body, if it looks nasty, hide it. As in, if you have disgusting toe fungus, you had better be covering it up, either with nail polish, or better yet, with shoes. 

    Otherwise, it's none of my business what you do with your feet. 

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  • I think they should always be painted if you're showing them off. Maybe not a vibrant color, but at least manicured with a nude or clear coat on them.
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  • I don't mind "naked" toenails in the least as long as they are nice, clean, etc.  No funky feet visible whether they are painted or not!  I have worn open toed shoes before with naked toes and not given it a moments thought, but I get pedicures often and wear lotion to bed so I never have funky feet!  :0
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  • If another woman were to judge me for wearing sandals with clean, trimmed, shaped, and UNpainted toenails, she's an ahshole. Painting my toenails or getting pedicures is pretty flipping low on my priority list, both in terms of time and, when it comes to pedicures, money. I just don't care. People must really be running out of things to judge people over. 

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