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Convertible Car Seats

Sorry to be a PW...

Talk to me about convertible car seats. Do you use one now? If not, when do you plan to move your LO to one? Is there a brand you recommend? LO is getting WAY to heavy to move around in that infant car seat and I'm ready to make a switch. We have a Graco infant seat now and I like it, but I'm not sure how their convertibles stack up against Britax or some of the other brands. TIA!

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Re: Convertible Car Seats

  • For my DD, we have


    We will probably get the same type for DS.  We went to BRU and tried out different ones, and came home with this one.  It fit in our truck the best, and met our requirements of RF to 40lbs and FF until 65lbs.

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  • We just moved Rhys to our Britax Marathon 70.  I love my Britax seats.  Love them.
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  • DS2 will inherit DS1's convertible seats.  Both are Britax - one is the Marathon70, the other is the Roundabout.  I love them and so does DS1.  A lot of folks say the Britax brand has a short shell so you might not get as much use out of them as some other brands, but I have very short children, so I don't have that concern.

    We are not switching DS1 until he outgrows his infant seat -- 30lbs/30 inches.  

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  • We have had lo in one since he was 1.5 months old.  He is so much happier in the convertible seat than he was in the infant carrier.  We have the Graco Smart seat it goes fom 5-100 lbs.  This seat is huge though!  It fits great in my highlander but takes up a ton of room in my husbands jeep.  

    They make a base for it so you can switch it from car to car but the base is half the price of the seat so we just waited for a coupon and bought a second seat. 


  • My have two outgrown diono radians waiting in the wings. They are a great option for tall ids as they have very tall shells and top harness slots, which translates to much longer use (very few kids outgrow carseats for weight), especially rear facing, which is really important (while the bare minimum for turning forward facing is 2 it's preferable to keep kids rear facing as long as possible and ideal to do so until they can move to a high back booster and skip a forward facing harness).

    The other seats with nice, tall shells that are good for taller kids are: chicco nextfit, graco headwise/size4me/mysize (same seat, different trim levels), graco myride, clek foonf, evenflo sureride.

    I generally avoid britax convertibles because the shells are much shorter than most competitors, meaning they're outgrown sooner. We have an old generation marathon, which has a slightly taller shell than the current marathon (about 1" taller) and both of my girls outgrew it RF by 18 months (so before they could turn around) and FF before they were 3 (their shoulders were already above the top harness straps).

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  • Thanks everyone! These are super helpful! We have a tall baby, so thanks for the help on the tall v. short seats especially!
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